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College of Technology

Engineering/Technology Teacher Education (B.S.)

The Engineering/Technology Teacher Education Program prepares graduates to teach in middle school and high school engineering/technology education classrooms. The curriculum develops professional educators with the strong pedagogical and technical skills needed for success in today's high-performance workplace.

The undergraduate curriculum is based on the Scholar-Practitioner Model, National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education standards, Standards for Technological Literacy, Advancing Excellence in Technological Literacy, Indiana Department of Education Division of Professional Standards and Project Lead the Way competencies. This solid foundation emphasizes the blending of practical experiences, technical expertise and academic rigor. Students complete coursework in general education, professional education and engineering/technology education. This preparation is capstoned by a supervised full-semester student teaching experience. Graduates receive Project Lead the Way engineering teaching certificates with their Purdue University diploma. This provides them with the competencies to teach the Project Lead the Way courses of Gateway to Technology, Introduction to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Civil Engineering and Architecture and Engineering Design and Development.

The Engineering/Technology Teacher Education Program is accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education and the Indiana Professional Standards Board. There is a very high demand for engineering/technology education teachers nationwide; Indiana has reciprocal licensing agreements with 40 states, giving engineering/technology teacher education graduates teaching opportunities across the country.

Engineering/Technology Teacher Education Plan of Study

Credit Hours Required for Bachelor's Degree: 121

Freshman Year

First SemesterSecond Semester
(3) COM 11400 (Fundamentals of Speech Communication) (3) CGT 11000 (Technical Graphics Communications)
(3) EDCI 27000 (Introduction to Educational Technology and Computing) (4) ENGL 10600 (First-Year Composition)
(3) IT 27200 (Gateway to Engineering/Technology Teacher Education) (1) IT 11100 (Prototyping in Engineering/Technology Education)
(3) MA 15300 (Algebra and Trigonometry I) (3) MA 15400 (Algebra and Trigonometry II)
(3) PSY 12000 (Elementary Psychology) (3) TECH 12000 (Technology and the Individual)
(15)   (14)  

Sophomore Year

Third SemesterFourth Semester
(3) EDCI 20500 (Exploring Teaching as a Career) (3) ECET 21400 (Electricity Fundamentals)
(3) EDCI 28500 (Multiculturalism and Education) (3) IT 27500 (Teaching the Technology and Education of STEM)
(3) EDST 20000 (History and Philosophy of Education) (4) PHYS 21800 (General Physics)
(3) Science selective (3) SOC 10000 (Introductory Sociology)
(3) Technical elective (3) Technical elective
(15)   (16)  

Junior Year

Fifth SemesterSixth Semester
(3) EDPS 23500 (Learning and Motivation) (3) EDCI 30900 (Reading in Middle and Secondary Schools: Methods and Problems)
(3) EDPS 26500 (The Inclusive Classroom) (3) IT 37100 (Instructional Planning and Evaluation)
(3) TECH 32000 (Technology and the Organization) (3) IT 37700 (Teaching Design and
Innovation I)
(3) Science elective (1) TECH 33000 (Technology and the Global Society)
(3) Technical elective (3) Communication selective (30000 or higher)
(15)   (15)  

Senior Year

Seventh SemesterEighth Semester
(3) IT 47000 (Teaching Design and
Innovation II)
(16) EDCI 49800 (Supervised Teaching)
(3) IT 47100 (Managing the Technology Education Laboratory)    
(3) IT 47200 (Methods of Teaching Technology Education)    
(3) Communication selective (30000 or higher)    
(3) Technical elective    
(15)   (16)