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College of Technology

Computer Graphics Technology

Computer Graphics Technology (B.S)

With the advent of the information age and mainstream adoption of computer graphics and digital technology, there is a need for highly educated people to apply emerging computer graphics technologies to many industries. The seemingly limitless applications of computer graphics are creating the need for individuals who are both highly skilled in the technology of computer graphics and broadly educated in related interdisciplinary skills, including technical problem solving, graphic database management, applied graphic programming, graphic design, interactive media design and development, 2D and 3D modeling, and animation and motion-based computer graphics. The computer graphics technologist coordinates the production, application and evaluation of visual information. Computer graphics specialists differ from visual artists, engineering designers, managers and computer programmers by combining elements of all these disciplines.

Graduates are employed by firms such as Rhythm and Hues, DreamWorks, Boeing, Holder Construction, John Deere, Trial Graphx, Honda of America, Rand Worldwide, Pharos Press, Butler International, eTapestry, Oxygen Education, Black Lantern Studios, AllScripts and RM Design Studio.

Honors Program

The goal of the Honors Program in Computer Graphics Technology is to introduce, enlighten, nurture and motivate top students in this emerging technology in a unique and interesting way. Students who qualify may participate in the program their first semester at Purdue. To participate as a first-semester freshman, a student must have earned a combined verbal and math SAT score of 1200 or above (or equivalent ACT score). Students may enter the program at any time, provided they have maintained a minimum overall GPA of 3.5.

Requirements for graduating with honors include completion of two seminars of CGT 29000H (1 credit each) and two seminars of CGT 49000H (3 credits each), in addition to the degree requirements. Students who successfully complete the senior year honors seminars will receive a certificate of recognition from Purdue University and will be listed in the commencement program as having participated in an honors program. Also, a statement of achievement will be included on their academic transcript.

Credit Hours Required for Bachelor's Degree: 123

Freshman Year

First SemesterSecond Semester
(3) CGT 10100 (Introduction to Computer Graphics Technology)* (3) CGT 14100 (Internet Foundations, 
Technologies, and Development)*
(5) MA 15900 (Precalculus)* (3) COM 11400 (Speech Communication)*
(3) TECH 12000 (Technology and the Individual) (3) MA 22100 (Calculus for Technology I)*
(3) Liberal Arts elective (3) PSY 12000 (Elementary Psychology)
(3) English selective (3) CGT selective (10000 level)
(17) (15)

Professional Program for Computer Graphics Technology

Sophomore Year

Third SemesterFourth Semester
(3) CGT 21100 (Raster Imaging for Computer Graphics) (3) CGT 21600 (Vector Imaging for Computer
(3) CGT 21500 (Computer Graphics Programming I) (3) ECON 21000 (Principles of Economics)
(4) PHYS 21800 (General Physics) (3) CGT selective
(3) Free elective (3) Science elective
(3) Technical elective (3) Free elective
(16)   (15)  

Junior Year

Fifth SemesterSixth Semester
(3) TECH 32000 (Technology and the Organization) (3) OBHR 30000 (Management of Human Resources)
(6) CGT selectives (3) TECH 33000 (Technology and the Global Society)
(3) English selective (3) CGT selective (30000-level)
(3) Free elective (3) Liberal Arts elective
    (3) Statistics selective
(15)   (15)  

Senior Year

Seventh SemesterEighth Semester
(3) MGMT 45500 (Legal Background for Business I) (3) CGT 41100 (Contemporary Problems in Applied Computer Graphics)
(3) CGT selective (40000 level) (3) CGT 45000 (Professional Practices)
(3) Liberal Arts elective (3) Communication elective
(3) Technical elective (3) Technical elective
(3) Free elective (3) Free elective
(15)   (15)  


CGT selective: See an academic advisor or the CGT website for an approved list.
Communication selective: COM 31200, 31400, 31500, 31800, 32000, 33000, 41500.
English selective: Select one from ENGL 10100, 10600, 10800; and select one from ENGL 20500, 41900, 42000, 42100.
Liberal arts elective: Any course with one of these prefixes: AD, ANTH, COM, ENGL, FLL, HIST, IDIS, MUS, PHIL, POL, PSY, SOC, THTR.
Management elective: Any course in organizational leadership and supervision, management.
Science elective: See an academic counselor or the CGT website for an approved list.
Statistics selective: STAT 22500 or 30100; PSY 20100, IT 34200.
Technical elective: Any course from engineering, technology, science, management.

* = Courses in CGT-Freshman.

b. A minimum grade of “C-“ is required in all prerequisite CGT courses.

c. A minimum grade of “C-“ is required (except 41100 and 45000) in all CGT courses used to complete the B.S. degree.

d. It is the responsibility of each student to assure that he/she schedules the necessary prerequisites and courses to meet graduation requirements.

e. Each student must have 32 credit hours of 30000-level or 40000-level courses for graduation