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College of Technology

Mission, Goals and Programs

The College of Technology educates the future managers and leaders of technologies; accelerates technology transfer to business, industry, government and education; and develops innovations in the application of emerging technology through learning, engagement and discovery.

In fulfilling its mission, the College of Technology strives to:

  • Provide a student-centered learning environment maintained to ensure that graduates are accomplished in the technical expertise, leadership and collaboration skills necessary to excel in the global technological economy
  • Provide extended formal and continuing education and technology transfer throughout the state, region and nation to enhance the economic competitiveness and welfare of business, industry, government and education
  • Search for new and expanded uses of technologies; improve existing technologies; create new technologies; investigate the factors that shape technology innovation and integration and study their impacts.
  • Disseminate the results of inquiry and scholarship generated by faculty and students with the goal of improving the expertise of the technological workforce.

Academic programs are offered as follows:

  1. Associate of Science (A.S.) Available at select statewide locations: Computer Graphics Technology, Computer and Information Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Organizational Leadership and Supervision
  2. Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
    1. Aviation Technology (Management, Flight and Aeronautical)
    2. Building Construction Management Technology
    3. Computer and Information Technology
    4. Computer Graphics Technology
    5. Electrical Engineering Technology
    6. Industrial Distribution
    7. Industrial Technology
    8. Mechanical Engineering Technology
    9. Manufacturing Engineering Technology
    10. Organizational Leadership and Supervision
  3. Bachelor of Science in Technology Education (B.S.)
    1. Engineering/Technology Teacher Education
  4. Master of Science (M.S.)
    1. Aviation and Aerospace Management
    2. Building Construction Management
    3. Computer and Information Technology
    4. Computer Graphics Technology
    5. Industrial Technology
    6. Technology
  5. Doctorate (Ph.D.)