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College of Technology

Degrees and Specialized Service Programs

The realms of science and technology range from extremely simple to highly complex and abstract activities — at one extreme, the "professionals"; at the other, the mechanics, drafters and service personnel. Within this broad spectrum, the educational backgrounds include doctoral degrees, master's degrees, bachelor's degrees and associate degrees at the university level as well as certificates and diplomas from other post-high-school educational and training institutions.

Doctoral (Ph.D.) Degree

Ph.D. advisors, working with each degree applicant, will consider all prior graduate coursework accepted for transfer into the program while developing the plan of study.

In addition to a technology focus, each plan of study must include a solid discovery foundation sequence of cognate research courses to add depth and a second discipline's perspective to the student's research and/or professional goal-related field. A dissertation will serve as both a culminating synthesis experience and a visible demonstration of performance and scholarship.

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Master of Science (M.S.) Degree

Building on a tradition of excellence in graduate education, the College of Technology offers graduate instruction leading to master of science and doctoral degrees. Emphases encompassing each of the college's departments and specializations are available to meet scholarly, professional and personal goals. Graduate study options are available within all College of Technology disciplines.

The thesis master of science degree program provides educational opportunities in adult education, instructional development, curriculum design and education administration, and advanced professional practice, with a major concentration in technology or technology education.

The non-thesis, directed project master's degree program provides an opportunity for individualized professional development studies in technology, engineering technology and technology education. The program prepares graduates for leadership positions in industry and education.

In addition, there are a number of combined B.S./M.S. degree options available. The college also offers an innovative cohort-based Weekend Master's Degree Program through the academic departments and through the Center for Professional Studies in Technology and Applied Research (ProSTAR). These programs have the same credit hour and core course requirements as the conventional master's program, but the majority of instruction is delivered via distance education. Participating students take a predetermined set of courses over a specific time frame by attending special weekend sessions three times each semester.

Graduate students take general and professional courses in technology as well as courses from other colleges and schools at Purdue University, including the College of Engineering, College of Education and Krannert School of Management. The programs offer the opportunity to pursue advanced work in the various disciplines represented in the College of Technology. These include:

  • MS in Aviation and Aerospace Management
  • MS in Building Construction Management
  • MS in Computer and Information Technology
  • MS in Computer Graphics Technology
  • MS in Engineering Technology
  • MS in Technology Leadership and Innovation

For additional details about the College of Technology's graduate programs, contact the Graduate Office in the College of Technology or consult Purdue University's Graduate School website atwww.gradschool.purdue.edu.

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree

The bachelor of science (B.S.) degree offered by Purdue's College of Technology is awarded after four years of university-level study in an applied scientific field. A B.S. degree in technology prepares graduates for entry-level positions such as managers, supervisors, engineering technologists, administrators, graphics specialists, analysts, system developers, production planners and manufacturing specialists. Students possess excellent problem-solving abilities, highly developed communications skills, exceptional organizational skills and the ability to understand complex systems. Thirteen B.S. options are available to qualified students:

  • Aeronautical Engineering Technology
  • Aerospace Financial Analysi
  • Airline Management and Operations
  • Airport Management and Operations
  • Animation
  • Audio Engineering Technology
  • Automation and Systems Integration Engineering Technology
  • Aviation Management
  • Building Construction Management Technology
  • Building Information Modeling
  • Computer and Information Technology
  • Computer Engineering Technology
  • Demolition and Restoration Management in the Built Environment
  • Effects Technical Direction
  • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Energy Engineering Technology
  • Engineering Technology (at select Statewide locations only)
  • Engineering/Technology Teacher Education
  • Flight (Professional Flight Technology)
  • Game Studies
  • Healthcare Construction Management
  • Human-Centered Design and Development
  • Industrial Engineering Technology
  • Mechanical and Electrical Construction Management
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Mechatronics Engineering Technology
  • Network Engineering Technology
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Residential Construction Management
  • Robotics Engineering Technology
  • Supply Chain Management Technology
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Virtual Product Integration
  • Visual Effects Compositing
  • Web Programming and Design

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Associate of Science (A.S.) Degree

The associate of science (A.S.) degree offered by Purdue's College of Technology is awarded after two years of university-level study in an applied scientific field. The programs and locations where they are offered are:

  • Computer Graphics Technology — Richmond
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology — Kokomo and Richmond
  • Organizational Leadership and Supervision — Anderson, Lafayette, and Richmond

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Admissions Requirements

Students transferring from other institutions must complete at least 32 semester credit hours of coursework in residence in the third and fourth year of the B.S. degree program.

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Specialized Service Programs

The College of Technology cooperates with individual industries or communities in the development and operation of specialized training programs. Such programs normally operate on a regular fee basis but frequently are organized at the request of a particular industry on a contract basis.

Since such specialized programs usually are restricted to a single location and serve a special need, they are not described in this general catalog and may differ to some extent in entrance requirements, fees, advanced standing provision and other details from the general fields of study described within this College of Technology Catalog website. Included in these specialized programs are industrial programs in cooperation with local industry, primarily designed for upgrading technical employees.

Inquiries should be sent to the director of the Continuing Education Administration or the dean of the College of Technology on the West Lafayette campus. At other College of Technology statewide locations, inquiries should be sent to the director of the respective location.

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