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Bachelor of Science Degree with Chemistry Major

This degree program is designed for those who want less specialized training in chemistry than is required for the B.S. in Chemistry degree. This program requires the basic courses listed under the General Degree Requirements section and permits 9 to 22 credit hours in free electives.

Free electives allow a student to build a program of study in another area to complement a chemistry background. It is possible, for example, to concentrate elective credit hours in one of the following areas: administration, chemical literature, chemical physics, computer applications in chemistry, cosmochemistry, geochemistry, patent law, preprofessional and material science. Minors are encouraged.

More information about recommended courses for these programs as well as other programs of study are available from an advisor or faculty member.

Bachelor of Science with Chemistry Major — Options


Bioinformatics is a branch of science that combines applied math, statistics, computer science and biochemistry to solve biological problems. Chemists with a bioinformatics specialization can work in the pharmaceutical industry or in companies associated with genomics and proteomics.

Bioinformatics Requirements 11 credits
The following courses are required for this option in addition to those listed
under “General Degree Requirements":

CHM 53300 (Introductory Biochemistry) (3 cr.); CHM 49900 (Undergraduate
Research in Bioinformatics) (3 cr.); BIOL 47800 (Introduction to
Bioinformatics) (3 cr.); MA 26200 (Linear Algebra and Differential Equations)
(4 cr.); STAT 5810 (Bioinformatics) (1 cr.).

Recommended — BIOL 23100 (Biology III: Cell Structure and Function)
(3 cr.) or BIOL 23000 (Biology of the Living Cell) (3 cr.)