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Special Programs and Opportunities

Professional Practice Program

The Department of Statistics participates in the Professional Practice Program. Interested students should contact the Coordinator of the Professional Practice Program, Department of Statistics, Mathematical Sciences Building. The department coordinator will have information about available programs and will be able to offer advice.

Fifth-Year Program

Many positions for statisticians require the M.S. in Applied Statistics degree. This is normally a two-year degree program; however, a student who elects the statistics major with mathematical statistics option can earn the M.S. in one additional year of study. Details are available from the Purdue Graduate School and on the Department of Statistics website. Students considering the fifth-year program should consult a faculty advisor as early as possible about suitable electives in their undergraduate program.

Statistics Minor

The statistics minor offers a strong quantitative background for students majoring in another discipline. Because first courses in probability and statistics are taught in several departments, the minor allows some courses taken outside the Department of Statistics. Five courses are required. At least three of these courses must be listed in the Department of Statistics.

Statistic Minor Course Requirements 15 credits
1. An introductory statistics course: 3 cr.
STAT 35000 (Introduction to Statistics); STAT 50300 (Statistical Methods for Biology); STAT 51100 (Statistical Methods) (3 cr.)
2. An introductory probability course: 3 cr.
STAT 22500 (Introduction to Probability Models); STAT 31100 (Introductory Probability); STAT 41600 (Probability); or an equivalent course in another department.
3. Applied Regression Analysis course: 3 cr.
STAT 51200 (Applied Regression Analysis)
4. Two of the following courses: 6 cr.
STAT 41600 (Probability) (3 cr.) (if not used to satisfy requirement #2); STAT 41700 (Statistical Theory) (3 cr.); STAT 51300 (Statistical Quality Control) (3 cr.); STAT 51400 (Design of Experiments) (3 cr.); IE 33600 (Operations Research-Stochastic Models) (3 cr.)