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College of Science


Honors Program

The designation "statistics honors” may be awarded at commencement to students who have completed the statistics major with the mathematical statistics option with distinction and with at least three of these course substitutions:

Statistics Honors Course
Substitution Requirements

• MA 44000 (Real Analysis Honors) (3 cr.) for MA 34100 (Foundations of Analysis) (3 cr.)
• MA 44200 (Multivariate Analysis I Honors) (3 cr.) or MA 51000 (Vector Calculus) (3 cr.) for MA 36200 (Topics in Vector Calculus) (3 cr.) 
• STAT 51600 (Basic Probability and Applications) (3 cr.) for STAT 41600 (Probability) (3 cr.) 
• STAT 51700 (Statistical Inference) (3 cr.) for STAT 41700 (Statistical Theory) (3 cr.)

Actuarial Science

An interdisciplinary program in actuarial science is offered jointly by the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Statistics.