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Mathematics Education

This option provides the mathematical preparation necessary for teaching secondary school mathematics in Indiana.

Teacher certification requires a professional semester consisting of six weeks of coursework at Purdue followed by 10 weeks of student teaching. EDCI 42600 (Teaching Mathematics in the Middle and Junior High School) is taken during the first six weeks of the professional semester, before student teaching. A student can choose either the seventh or eighth semester for the professional semester.

Requirements for teacher certification vary from state to state. They can be obtained by writing to the Certification Office, Department of Public Instruction, in the capital city of the state of interest.

Mathematics Education Course Requirements 56-57 credits
Mathematics Courses 24-25 credits
MA 30100 (Introduction to Real Analysis) 3 cr.
One of the following: MA 34100 (Foundations of Analysis) (3 cr.); 
MA 35300 (Linear Algebra II) (3 cr.); MA 37500 (Introduction to Discrete Mathematics) (3 cr.); MA 42500 (Elements of Complex Analysis) (3 cr.); MA 52500 (Introduction to Complex Analysis) (3 cr.); or MA 44000 (Real Analysis) (3 cr.)
3 cr.
MA 45300 (Elements of Algebra) (3 cr.) or MA 45000 (Honors Algebra) (3 cr.) 3 cr.
MA 46000 (Geometry) 3 cr.
STAT 31100 (Introductory Probability) (3 cr.); MA 41600/STAT 41600 (Probability) (3 cr.); or STAT 51600 (Basic Probability and Applications) (3 cr.) 3 cr.
One of the following: CS 15800 (C Programming) (3 cr.); CS 15900 (Programming Applications for Engineers) (3 cr.); CS 17700 (Programming with Multimedia Objects) (3 cr.); or CS 18000 (Programming I) (4 cr.). 3-4 cr.
STAT 35000 (Introduction to Statistics) (3 cr.) 3 cr.
One additional three-credit course in mathematics at 30000 level or above, approved by the Undergraduate Mathematics Committee. 3 cr.
Professional Education Courses 33 credits
EDCI 27000 (Introduction to Educational Technology and Computing) (3 cr.); EDST 20000 (History and Philosophy of Education) (3 cr.); EDCI 20500 (Exploring Teaching as a Career) (3 cr.); EDCI 28500 (Multiculturalism and Education) (3 cr.); EDPS 23500 (Learning and Motivation) (3 cr.); EDPS 26500 (The Inclusive Classroom) (3 cr.); EDCI 42500 (Teaching of Mathematics in Secondary Schools) (3 cr.); EDCI 42600 (Teaching Mathematics in the Middle and Junior High School) (2 cr.); EDCI 49800 (Supervised Teaching in Secondary Mathematics Education) (10 cr.)