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Business Mathematics

An analytical background is becoming increasingly valuable for students who wish to pursue careers in business. This option, designed with the help of business and financial professionals, gives a strong mathematical foundation and courses in related areas to provide a suitable background for such a career. Students choosing this option should consider obtaining a minor in management.

Business Mathematics Option Course Requirements 30-31 credits
MGMT 20000 (Introductory Accounting) 3 cr.
Two of: MA 37500 (Introduction to Discrete Mathematics) (3 cr.); CS 31400 (Numerical Methods) (3 cr.); STAT 41700 (Statistical Theory) (3 cr.); STAT 51700 (Statistical Inference) (3 cr.); MA 42100 (Linear Programming and Optimization Techniques) (3 cr.) 6 cr.
Two of: MA 37300 (Financial Mathematics) (4 cr.); MGMT 31000 (Financial Management) (3 cr.); MGMT 41100 (Investment Management) (3 cr.); MGMT 54400 (Database Management Systems) (3 cr.); MGMT 32300 (Introduction to Market Analysis) (3 cr.) 6-7 cr.
MA 41600/STAT 41600 (Probability) (3 cr.) or STAT 51600 (Basic Probability and Applications) (3 cr.) 3 cr.
MA 34100 (Foundations of Analysis) (3 cr.) or MA 44000 (Real Analysis Honors) (3 cr.) 3 cr.
MA 35300 (Linear Algebra II) 3 cr.
MA 45300 (Elements of Algebra I) (3 cr.) or MA 45000 (Algebra Honors) (3 cr.) 3 cr.
STAT 51200 (Applied Regression Analysis) 3 cr.