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Applied Mathematics

Graduates with training in applied mathematics are employed in business, industry and government. Their jobs involve working with scientists in other fields, so some breadth is desirable, for instance, in physics, computer science, statistics, economics or engineering.

This option also provides good preparation for graduate studies in applied mathematics and in subjects that use mathematics.

Applied Mathematics Option Course Requirements 24 credits
MA 36200 (Topics in Vector Calculus) (3 cr); MA 44200 (Multivariate Analysis I Honors )(3 cr.); MA 51000 (Vector Calculus) (3 cr.) 3 cr.
CS 31400 (Numerical Methods) (3 cr.); CS 51400 (Numerical Analysis) (3 cr.) 3 cr.
MA 35300 (Linear Algebra II) 3 cr.
MA 30300 (Differential Equations for Engineering and the Sciences) (3 cr.); MA 30400 (Differential Equations and Partial Differential Equations for Engineering and the Sciences) (3 cr.) 3 cr.
MA 34100 (Foundations of Analysis) (3 cr.); MA 44000 (Real Analysis: Honors) (3 cr.) 3 cr.
MA 42500 (Elements of Complex Analysis) (3 cr.); MA 42800 (Introduction to Fourier Analysis) (3 cr.); MA 52500 (Introduction to Complex Analysis) (3 cr); MA 52000 (Boundary Value Problems of PDEs) (3 cr.); MA 52300 (Introduction to PDEs) (3 cr.); special topics course with approval of the undergraduate committee chairman. 3 cr.
MA 45300 (Elements of Algebra I) (3 cr.) or MA 45000 (Algebra: Honors) (3 cr.) 3 cr.
One of the following: MA 37500 (Introduction to Discrete Mathematics) (3 cr.); MA 41600/STAT 41600 (Probability) (3 cr.); MA 42100 (Linear Programming and Optimization Techniques) (3 cr.); MA 42500 (Complex Analysis) (3 cr.); MA 42800 (Introduction to Fourier Analysis) (3 cr.); STAT 51600 (Advanced Probability and Options with Numerical Methods) (3 cr.) 3 cr.