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The Department of Mathematics offers a broad range of programs leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. Students majoring in another area of science may also choose to pursue a minor in mathematics. Detailed descriptions of these programs and brief summaries of the kinds of careers for which graduates are prepared can be found in the “Plans of Study” section. Additional information about career opportunities is available from the College of Science Counseling Office and by taking MA 10800 (Mathematics as a Profession and a Discipline) (1 cr.).

Some math graduates choose to continue their education in law schools, business schools or medical schools. Others choose to teach. Many graduates choose to go on to graduate school in mathematics, engineering, computational finance or other areas. Job options include positions such as database managers, programming, actuarial work, software engineering, defense work, insurance, banking and finance.

The most recent information can be found on the website www.math.purdue.edu.