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Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

Earth, atmospheric and planetary sciences (EAPS) focus on the study of the atmosphere, oceans, the solid earth, and in a new, interdisciplinary area of planetary science. These disciplines are concerned with the quality of life and the physical environment in which we live and those we hope to explore. Earth, atmospheric and planetary scientists have accepted the challenge of arriving at solutions to basic and applied problems that affect our planet and those of our neighbors in space.

Faculty and students in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences study a wide range of geophysical phenomena. These phenomena include events that affect daily life on Earth, such as mineral and oil exploration and weather forecasting; events that are sources of devastating natural disasters, such as earthquakes, landslides and tornadoes; events that explore the distant past or the projected future of our stay on Earth, such as climate change, plate tectonics, impact cratering, and Arctic and Antarctic fossil discoveries; and our exploration beyond Earth.

The Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences prepares students to investigate a variety of problems. The basic core courses, supplemented by courses relevant to each specialized area of interest, provide a broad scientific education that prepares students for graduate programs or for entry-level employment positions after completing the B.S. degree.

A master’s degree is desirable for research, advancement in secondary school teaching in Indiana, and many positions in government or industry. A Ph.D. degree is required for advancement in university teaching and higher-level positions in research.

Earth, atmospheric and planetary sciences students have many career options. There are several possible areas of emphasis and career options available to students. For specific information on which core courses and option would best match a program, please speak with an advisor.