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Computer Science

Honors Major

Students enter the honors major in one of three ways:

1. By invitation upon admission.

2. By invitation after the first semester.

3. By application. Students may request admission to the honors major to be effective in the semester following the completion of the level 2 core courses. The Undergraduate Committee may grant admission if the student meets the grade-point-average requirements of the honors major and has the recommendation of his or her CS academic advisor.

Honors students must maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.25 and a cumulative GPA of at least 3.6 in CS courses used to fulfill major requirements from the time they are admitted to the honors major until they graduate.

Honors students are encouraged, but not required, to take CS 19700 (Freshman Honors Seminar) (1 cr.) in the spring semester of their freshman year.

Honors Major Course Requirements

The requirements for honors students are the same as for the CS major, but honors students must take the following courses:

MA 35100 (Elementary Linear Algebra) (3 cr.) in lieu of MA 26500; an approved* mathematics course beyond MA 35100 or an approved* statistics course beyond STAT 51100; ECE 27000 (Introduction to Digital System Design) (4 cr.); CS 39700 (Honors Seminar) (1 cr.) followed by CS 49700 (Honors Research Project) (3 cr.); and an approved* 50000-level CS course. CS 49700 and the CS 50000-level course may be used as CS track requirements with the approval of track faculty.

* Course must be approved by the Computer Science Undergraduate Committee for use in the honors major.