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Computer Science

Computer Science Major — Computer Science Tracks

Computer Graphics and Visualization

This track is designed to prepare students for work and/or graduate school in computer graphics, visualization and related areas. Computer graphics refers to modeling (including 3D acquisition) and rendering 3D objects and scenes. Visualization refers to using imagery to convey digital information and facilitate its interpretation and analysis.

Jobs and activities for students graduating from this track may include:

  • Graphics-related industry jobs (e.g., Intel, NVIDIA, Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, Google) — working on graphics software, hardware and applications.
  • CAD and architectural applications — developing CAD/engineering/architecture-related applications. Movie industry (e.g., Pixar, DreamWorks, Disney, Sony) — working on creating movies and related tools.
  • Gaming industry (e.g., Electronic Arts, Midway Games, Disney, Sony) — working on game programming and related tools.
  • Laboratories — working in one of several scientific visualization laboratories (although often a graduate degree is preferred).
  • Graduate school — continuing studies toward an M.S. or Ph.D., which opens up other job opportunities, including research labs and academic positions.

Course Requirements

18 credits

Required Courses:
CS 33400 (Fundamentals of Computer Graphics) (3 cr.); 
CS 31400 (Numerical Methods) (3 cr.) or CS 38100 (Introduction to the Analysis of Algorithms) (3 cr.)


Four additional courses from the following list:
CS 31400 (Numerical Methods) (3 cr.); 
CS 35200 (Compilers: Principles and Practice) (3 cr.); 
CS 35400 (Operating Systems) (3 cr.);
CS 38100 (Introduction to the Analysis of Algorithms) (3 cr.); 
CS 42200 (Computer Networks) (3 cr.); 
CS 43400 (Advanced Computer Graphics) (3 cr.); 
CS 44800 (Introduction to Relational Database Systems) (3 cr.); 
CS 47100 (Introduction to Artificial Intelligence) (3 cr.); 
Approved Senior Project for 1-2 elective slots: CS 49000 (Independent Study) (3 cr.) and/or CS 49700 (Honors Research Project) (3 cr.)

Note: Neither CS 31400 (Numerical Methods) nor CS 38100 (Introduction to the Analysis of Algorithms) can be double-counted toward required and elective courses.