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College of Science

Computer Science

Computer Science Major

Computer Science Core 21 credits
There are six specifically required (core) CS courses:  
CS18000 (Problem Solving and Object-Oriented Programming)
CS18200 (Foundations of Computer Science)
CS 24000 (Programming in C)
CS 25000 (Computer Architecture)
CS 25100 (Data Structures and Algorithms)
CS 25200 (Systems Programming) 
4 cr.
3 cr. 
3 cr. 
4 cr. 
3 cr.
4 cr.
Computer Science students are strongly urged to take the following courses, which are intended to promote students’ success: CS 19100 (Freshman Resources Seminar) (1 cr.); CS 29100 (Sophomore Development Seminar) (1 cr.); CS 39100 (Junior Resources Seminar) (1 cr.)

Mathematics Courses 7-8 credits

In addition to the College of Science Mathematics requirements:

One of: 
MA 17400 (Multivariable Calculus) (4 cr.); MA 18200 (Honors Calculus II) (5 cr.); MA 26100 (Multivariate Calculus) (4 cr.); MA 27100 (Several Variable Calculus) (5 cr.) 
MA 26500 (Linear Algebra) (3 cr.) or MA 35100 (Elementary Linear Algebra) (3 cr.).

Each student then selects a track in which to complete 6-7 advanced courses. Each track has 2-4 required courses and a list of potential electives for the remaining track requiremens. Students do not need to select a track until their junior year, and they can change their track or complete more than one track, if desired. See details about the Computer Science Tracks elsewhere on this website.