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Bachelor of Science Degree with Chemistry Teaching Major

This program of study meets the requirements for certification to teach chemistry in the secondary schools of Indiana in addition to meeting the requirements for the B.S. degree with chemistry major. Students preparing to teach in junior/high/middle/secondary schools (grades 5-12) must meet the requirements set by the Teacher Education Council. These requirements are outlined in the Guide to Teacher Preparation and Licensure from the Office of Professional Preparation and Licensure at Purdue, www.teach.purdue.edu. In teacher preparation, Purdue University has been accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges, and the Indiana Professional Standards Board. Students completing the chemistry education major will be licensed to teach chemistry in Indiana.

The program of study for prospective teachers differs from the program leading to the B.S. degree with a chemistry major. CHM 26300 and 26400 (which have one less credit, respectively) can be substituted for Organic Chemistry Laboratory. However, all chemistry education students are encouraged to take CHM 26500 and 26600 to meet the regular chemistry major requirements in case they switch to a non-teaching option.

The following 35 credit hours of education courses are required for certification to teach in Indiana high schools. One of the courses, EDCI 42800, is taken during the first six weeks of the professional semester, before student teaching.

Bachelor of Science Degree with Chemistry Teaching Major Additional Requirements 35 credits
Professional Education
CHM 33300 (Principles of Biochemistry) (3 cr.) or CHM 53300 (Introduction to Biochemistry) (3 cr.) 3 cr.
EDCI 27000 (Introduction to Educational Technology and Computing) (2 cr.) and EDST 20000 (History and Philosophy of Education) (3 cr.) 5 cr.
EDCI 20500 (Exploring Teaching as a Career) (3 cr.) and EDCI 28500 (Multiculturalism and Education) (3 cr.) 6 cr.
EDPS 23500 (Learning and Motivation) (3 cr.) and EDPS 26500 (The Inclusive Classroom) (3 cr.) 6 cr.
EDCI 42400 (The Teaching of Earth/Physical Science in Secondary Schools) (3 cr.); EDCI 42800 (Teaching Science in the Middle and Junior High School) (2 cr.); and EDCI 49800 (Supervised Teaching) (10 cr.) 15 cr.