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Biological Sciences


Genetics is the science of information transfer from one generation to another. We learn the laws of inheritance in all creatures big and small, how they evolve and how they change. On the molecular level, we learn about DNA and RNA; on the cellular level, we discover what makes a cell cancerous; and on an organismal level, we examine the reproductive habits of various organisms. Crucial principles include the structure, function and transmission of genes. Laboratory techniques explore genetic engineering from the "inside." Genetics is crucial to all of biology; so, a genetics major has wide applicability. Students interested in applied genetics also should consider programs in the College of Agriculture.

Genetics Major Requirements — 19-21 credits

Genetics Courses 13-15 credits
Genetics majors must choose BIOL 32800 (Principles of Physiology) (4 cr.); or BIOL 36600 (Principles of Development) (4 cr.); or BIOL 39500 (Macromolecules) (3 cr.) to satisfy the intermediate level requirement. 
BCHM 56100 (General Biochemistry I) or CHM 53300 (Introductory Biochemistry) (3 cr.); BIOL 41600 (Molecular Virology) (3 cr.); BIOL 44100 (Senior Seminar in Genetics) (1 cr.); BIOL 48100 (Eukaryotic Genetics) (3 cr.)
10 cr.
One of the following: 
a. BIOL 44201 (Introductory to Protein Expression) (2 cr.) and two other BIOL442XX or BIOL 54200 lab courses. See the complete list of course titles. (2-3 cr.) 
b. Three credits of BIOL 49400 (Biology Research), or BIOL 49900 (Biology Honors Thesis Research). Must be approved in advance by Undergraduate Studies Committee. (3 cr.)
3-5 credits
Electives 6 credits
Select from the following:  
BIOL 43800 (General Microbiology) (3 cr.); BIOL 44400 (Human Genetics)
(3 cr.); BIOL 47800 (Introduction to Bioinformatics) (3 cr.); BIOL 51600
(Molecular Biology of Cancer) (3 cr.); BIOL 54100 (Molecular Genetics of
Bacteria) (3 cr.); BIOL 55000 (Plant Molecular Biology) (3 cr.); BIOL 57300
(The Molecular Biology of Animal Cells) (3 cr.); BIOL 58000 (Evolution) 
(3 cr.); AGRY 53000 (Plant Genetics) (3 cr.); ANSC 51100 (Population
Genetics) (3 cr.); BCHM 56200 (General Biochemistry II) (3 cr.)