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Krannert School of Management

Administrative Procedures

The following school and University procedures and standards are among those administered by the Management Advising Office. Students seeking help or additional information are always welcome to consult with an academic advisor.


Krannert School of Management courses numbered below 30000 are open (subject to individual course prerequisites) to students enrolled in all Purdue University curricula. Most School of Management courses numbered 30000 or higher are open only to students who have been admitted to the Upper Management Division.

Near the middle of each semester, students register for the courses to be taken in the subsequent semester. School of Management students attend a registration meeting at which they complete a course registration form with the assistance of an academic advisor. After the student's course requests are transmitted to the registrar, a fee statement and schedule are issued. The student must pay fees according to the due date on the invoice received.

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Schedule Revision

Requests for class schedule modification and/or revision are subject to the approval and authorization of the Management Advising Office. Purdue University has campuswide drop/add policies that the School of Management follows. To make any changes in a schedule, add or drop a course, change the grade option or change variable credit, you must first obtain a course request form from the Management Advising Office and get the proper approval signatures. If approval is granted, submit the form to the Management Advising Office for processing. After the final changes are made to your schedule, that schedule becomes your official registration.

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Grading and Scholastic Index Requirements

The grading and scholastic standing procedures of the School of Management are the same as those set out in University Regulations. As noted previously, students seeking a baccalaureate degree from the Krannert School of Management must also achieve a minimum 2.00 average of all grades earned in management, economics and organizational behavior/human resource management courses.

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Pass/Not-Pass Option

This option is intended simply as an encouragement to greater breadth in course selection. Students contemplating this option must consider the implications of their choice when viewed from the perspective of a recruiter or a graduate school admissions committee. Use of the option is permitted in Krannert programs subject to the following conditions:

  • The total credit hours selected under this option in the student's baccalaureate program may not exceed 15. Furthermore, the option should not be adopted for more than one course per semester. A student who elects the option must be classified "4" or higher.
  • Students may use the pass/not-pass option for electives only. This option may not be selected for any management, economics or organizational behavior/human resource management courses. This option may not be adopted for any courses intended to fulfill the minor requirement.
  • Students on academic probation must complete at least 12 hours of coursework for a letter grade during the probationary semester. Students on academic probation for a second consecutive semester may not elect this option until they are removed from probationary status.
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Transfer Students

Students wishing to transfer to the Krannert School of Management from another college or university must comply with the procedures and standards established by the Purdue University Office of Admissions. In addition, to be considered for admission to the School of Management, transfer students must have successfully completed at least one university-level calculus course with a grade of "C" or higher.

Transfer students will be accepted only to the school's Pre-Management Division. To gain admission to the Upper Management Division, transfer students must submit to the same academic evaluation as that applied to all Pre-Management students. To ensure comparability, a minimum of 15 hours of courses comprising the student's Management Admissions Index must be completed at Purdue.

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System-wide Campus Courses

If you wish to take courses at another Purdue campus, contact the Management Advising Office in advance to determine the role of those courses in your academic program.

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Courses at Other Universities

If you plan to complete courses at another university for transfer to your Purdue record, contact the Management Advising Office in advance to determine whether the transferred credit will fulfill degree requirements. 

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Transferring out of the Krannert School of Management

If you wish to transfer from the School of Management to another college or school within the University, make preliminary arrangements with a representative from the new college or school. The new college or school will evaluate completed courses and their suitability to the new area. Before making the transfer, contact the Management Advising Office for further information.

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Transferring into the Krannert School of Management

Many students change their degree objectives during their college careers. If you wish to explore a change from another college or school at Purdue into the School of Management, you are required to view the CODO (change of degree objective) website and then meet with an academic advisor in the School of Management to discuss current requirements and academic programs. These informational meetings are offered throughout each semester. A list of meeting times is available in the Management Advising Office, and individual assistance is provided by the academic advisors.

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Withdrawing from the University

If you find it necessary to withdraw from the University, you must complete a Withdrawal Request Form. These forms are available from the Office of the Dean of Students and the advising office in each college or school.

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Re-entry and Readmission

Students who leave Purdue voluntarily and later wish to return must complete an application for re-entry with the University Office of Admissions. A student who has been enrolled in another college or school of the University and who wishes to re-enter the School of Management must be admitted through the established procedures for change of degree objective.

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