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Krannert School of Management

Accounting: Suggested Plan of Study

Minimum hours required for B.S. degree: 124

Freshman Year

First SemesterSecond Semester
(4) ENGL 10600 (First-Year Composition) (3) COM 11400 (Fundamentals of Speech Communication)*
(3) MA 15300 (Algebra and Trigonometry I) (3) MA 22300 (Introductory Analysis I)
(1) MGMT 10000 (Management Lectures I) (3) Natural science elective
(3) Natural science elective (3) World history elective
(3) Psychology or sociology elective (3) General elective
(14) (15)

Sophomore Year

Third SemesterFourth Semester
(3) CS 23500 (Introduction to Organizational Computing) (3) ECON 25200 (Macroeconomics)
(3) ECON 25100 (Microeconomics) (3) ENGL 42000 (Business Writing)
(3) MA 22400 (Introductory Analysis II) (3) MGMT 20100 (Management Accounting I)
(3) MGMT 20000 (Introductory Accounting) (3) STAT 22500 (Introduction to Probability Models)
(3) Fine arts or literature elective (3) International elective
(15) (15)

Junior Year

Fifth SemesterSixth Semester
(1) MGMT 30100 (Management Career Lectures) (3) ECON 41900 (Managerial Economics)
(3) MGMT 30500 (Business Statistics) (3) MGMT 30600 (Management Science)
(3) MGMT 31000 (Financial Management) (3) MGMT 35100 (Intermediate Accounting II)
(3) MGMT 32400 (Marketing Management) (3) MGMT 38200 (Management Information Systems)
(3) MGMT 35000 (Intermediate Accounting I) (3) OBHR 33000 (Introduction to Organizational Behavior)
(3) MGMT 35400 (Legal Foundations of Business I) (3) General elective
(16)   (18)  

Senior Year

Seventh SemesterEighth Semester
(3) MGMT 36100 (Operations Management) (1) MGMT 40100 (Krannert Executive Forum)
(3) MGMT 50300 (Advanced Accounting) (3) MGMT 45100 (Strategic Management)
(3) MGMT 50400 (Tax Accounting) (3) MGMT 50500 (Management Accounting II)
(3) OBHR 42800 (Human Resource Management) (3) MGMT 50600 (Auditing)
(3) General elective (3) International elective
    (3) General elective
(15)   (16)  

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Accounting Notes

Management Admissions Index (MAI)

  • To be automatically admitted into Upper Management Division, you must have completed all courses in the MAI with at least a 3.00 MAI GPA and a 2.50 cumulative GPA, have a "C" or higher in all MAI and School of Management courses and may not be on probation.
  • MAI courses, or their equivalents, may only be enrolled in two times for a grade.
  • A maximum of three MAI courses may be retaken.
  • School of Management, MAI, concentration and minor courses in which you receive an "F" can only be retaken at Purdue University, West Lafayette.
  • Previous enrollments in MA 16100, 16200, 16500 and 16600 do not count against the retake policy if a Change Of Degree Objective occurs.

Optional Concentrations

The following concentrations are available, but not required, for accounting majors: accounting, analytical consulting, economics, finance, international business, management information systems, marketing, operations management, organizational behavior/human resources and strategic management.

General Information

  • MGMT, OBHR and ECON courses numbered 30000 or higher can only be taken after you are admitted to Upper Management Division.
  • MGMT, OBHR and ECON courses cannot be taken online or by correspondence.
  • Transfer credit for upper-level MGMT, OBHR and ECON courses will only be considered if taken at a four-year, AACSB-accredited school (www.aacsb.edu).
  • Courses taken on approved Purdue study abroad programs may be used to satisfy general education, major and concentration requirements. In some cases, courses that must be taken at Purdue, West Lafayette, may also be approved as part of a study abroad program. Schedule an appointment with your advisor to discuss study abroad opportunities.
  • Minors outside of the School of Management also are available.

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