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College of Liberal Arts

Departmental Advisors

Assistant Dean/Director of Academic Advising: Dennis Bowling, M.S.

Anthropology: Sue Hume Graham, Ph.D.

Art and Design: John Crosby, M.A.; Elizabeth Diaz, M.F.A.; Lou Kontos, M.F.A.; Kathy Zimmerman, M.A.

Communication (including Human Relations Communication; Mass Communication; Organizational Communication; Public Relations and Rhetorical Advocacy): Joshua Dexter, M.A.; Betsy Thompson, M.A.
Yu-Ra Jung, M.A.; Pamela Walters, M.S.

Economics: Coleen Williams, J.D.

 Deborah Bradford, M.A.; Kathleen Korty, M.S.Ed.; Mona Quinn, M.S. 

Languages and Cultures:
 Marianne Gupta, Ph.D.

History: Nina Haberer, J.D.

Law and Society: Jan Cortner, M.SW.; Angela Palikaris, M.S.

Philosophy: Yu-Ra Jung, M.A.

Political Science, Prelaw:
 Carol Randel, M.A.; Coleen Williams, J.D.

Sociology: Jan Cortner, M.SW.; Angela Paikaris, M.S.; Carol Randel, M.A.

Theatre: Elizabeth Diaz, M.F.A.

Undecided: Jason Brewer, M.A.; Sue Hume Graham, Ph.D.; Leonard Martin, M.S.
Sara Randrianasola, M.A.