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Law and Society

Students majoring in law and society are concerned with the sociological examination of the etiology, distribution and control of crime and other deviant behaviors. Study entails the use of sociological concepts and methods to measure and analyze crime and deviance and to examine dimensions of the criminal justice system and other systems of social control. The program provides a basic foundation for students interested in pursuing careers in human service and law enforcement. The major also provides a strong foundation for students who will pursue graduate work in sociology, law, criminology and criminal justice.


Students working toward a degree in sociology examine a variety of forms of social organization and the composition and behavior of human groups and ways in which these groups affect individuals. Class sequences include study of social inequality, criminology and social deviance, family, health and aging, politics and economy, religion, and social survey and other methods. With the proper selecton of electives and related areas, students are prepared for careers in actuarial science, labor relations, urban planning, management analysis, market research, personnel work and public relations.

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