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Latin American and Latino Studies

Latin American and Latino Studies is an interdisciplinary program that brings together the study of Latin America and Latino communities in the U.S. and the Caribbean. In so doing, students are able to engage in the similarities and differences between the histories, cultures, social institutions and political systems in countries throughout the Americas and in the Caribbean island-nations. In addition, students study the history and influence of European colonization, slavery, migration, cultural and economic trade, transnationality and globalization on the region. This cross-territorial, interdisciplinary approach is what makes Latin American and Latino Studies so exciting.

Latin American and Latino Studies works closely with other academic schools, departments and programs on campus, as well as with the Latino Cultural Center. Through cooperative efforts, we offer a rich variety of courses and academic and cultural events that center on specific issues pertinent to Latin American, Latino and Caribbean interests. The Latin American and Latino Studies Program has affiliated faculty in the School of Lanugages and Cultures and in the departments of Anthropology, English, History and Political Science.

The Latin American and Latino Studies program currently offers a 15-credit minor that can complement any major, especially if you have an interest in internationalizing your course of study and potential career objectives. The minor is designed to introduce students to an interdisciplinary study of the history, peoples and cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as the study of Latin American and Caribbean communities in the United States. Students are required to take LALS 25000: Introduction to Latin American and Latino Studies, two courses in Literary and Cultural Studies and two courses in History, Philosophy and Social Sciences. See the Latin American and Latino Studies homepage for further information.  http://www.cla.purdue.edu/latin-american/

Plan of Study for Latin American and Latino Studies