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College of Liberal Arts

Graduation Requirements

The requirements for the baccalaureate degree are listed on the following Web page: www.cla.purdue.edu/academics/requirements. In addition, the dean of the College of Liberal Arts certifies that students have completed their plans of study

Attainment of the objectives of the College of Liberal Arts is sought in two ways. One is through the specialized knowledge students acquire as they major or minor in one or more of the subject matters offered by the schools and departments in the college. The other is through the opportunity to gain skill and knowledge in other areas of learning through a combination of requirements and free electives.

Pass/Not-Pass Grading Option

A student must have earned a grade of "A," "B" or "C" in a course in order to receive a grade of "P" (pass). An earned grade of "D" or below will result in a grade of "N" (not pass).

A student enrolled in a course under the pass/not-pass option must fulfill the same requirements in the course as those registered for a letter grade.

The "P" or "N" will appear on the student's academic record in place of a grade but will not be used in computing a grade index; credit toward graduation is earned with a "P," but not granted for an "N."

Students enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts may elect to take courses under the pass/not-pass option subject to the following regulations:

  1. A student must have a classification of 3 or above and a graduation index of 2.0 or above to enroll in a course under the pass/not-pass option.
  2. A student may not elect the pass/not-pass option for more than 20 percent of the total credit hours required for graduation.
  3. A student may elect the pass/not-pass option for any course in the University for which he or she is otherwise eligible to enroll for credit and that does not already appear on his or her academic record.
  4. A student may not elect the pass/not-pass option for any course he or she plans to use to fulfill a departmental or college requirement.
  5. A student who passes a course required by the College of Liberal Arts under the pass/not pass option while enrolled in another college or school in the University is considered upon transfer to Liberal Arts to have met the Liberal Arts requirement.
  6. At the time he or she registers, the student will indicate which courses are to be taken under the pass/not-pass option. Standard registration procedures such as the rules governing drop/add, withdrawal from courses, etc., will be followed.