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College of Liberal Arts


Some of the following abbreviations of subject fields are used in the Plans of Study section of this catalog. Alphabetization is according to abbreviation.

AAE-Aero & Astro Engineering HIST-History
AAS-African American Studies HK-Health And Kinesiology
ABE-Agri & Biol Engineering HONR-Honors
AD-Art & Design HORT-Horticulture
AFT-Aerospace Studies HSCI-Health Sciences
AGEC-Agricultural Economics HTM-Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
AGRY-Agronomy EE-Enginerring Education
AMST-American Studies IDIS-Interdisciplinary Studies
ANSC-Animal Sciences IE-Industrial Engineering
ANTH-Anthropology IET-Industrial Engr Technology
ARAB-Arabic IPPH-Industrial & Phys Pharm
ASAM-Asian American Studies IT-Industrial Technology
ASL-American Sign Language ITAL-Italian
ASM-Agricultural Systems Mgmt IU School of Medicine Laf
ASTR-Astronomy JPNS-Japanese
AT-Aviation Technology JWST-Jewish Studies
BAND-Bands LA-Landscape Architecture
BCHM-Biochemistry LALS-Latina Am &  Latino Studies
BCM-Bldg Construct Mgmt Tech LATN-Latin
BIOL-Biological Sciences LC-Languages and Cultures
BME-Biomedical Engineering LING-Linguistics
BMS-Basic Medical Sciences LS-Land Surveying
BTNY-Botany & Plant Pathology MA-Mathematics
CAND-Candidate MARS-Medieval & Renaissance Std
CE-Civil Engineering MCMP-Med Chem & Molecular Pharm
CEM-Construction Engr & Mgmt ME-Mechanical Engineering
CGT-Computer Graphics Tech MET-Mechanical Engr Tech
CHE-Chemical Engineering MFET-Manufacturing Engr Tech
CHM-Chemistry MGMT-Management
CHNS-Chinese MSE-Materials Engineering
CIC Traveling Scholar MSL-Military Science & Ldrshp
CLCS-Classics MUS-Music History & Theory
CLPH-Clinical Pharmacy NRES-Natural Res & Environ Sci
CMCI-CIC Common Market NS-Naval Science
CMPL-Comparative Literature NUCL-Nuclear Engineering
CNIT-Computer & Info Tech NUPH-Nuclear Pharmacy
COM-Communication NUR-Nursing
CPB-Comparative Pathobiology NUTR-Nutrition Science
CS-Computer Sciences OBHR-Orgnztnl Bhvr &Hum Resrce
CSR-Consumer ScI & Retailing OLS-Organiz Ldrshp&Supervision
DANC-Dance PES-Physical Education Skills
EAPS-Earth Atmos Planetary Sci PHAD-Pharmacy Administration
ECE-Electrical & Computer Engr PHIL-Philosophy
ECET-Electrical&Comp Engr Tech PHPR-Pharmacy Practice
ECON-Economics PHRM-Pharmacy
EDCI-Educ-Curric & Instruction PHYS-Physics
EDPS-Educ-Ed'l and Psy Studies POL-Political Science
EEE-Environ & Ecological Engr PPE-Professional Practice-Engr
ENE-Engineering Education PSY-Psychology
ENGL-English PTGS-Portuguese
ENTM-Entomology RECR-Recreation Leadership
ENTR-Entrepreneurship REL-Religious Studies
EPCS-Engr Proj Cmity Service RUSS-Russian
EXPL-Exploratory Studies SA-Study Abroad
USP-Undergrad Studies Prog SCI-General Science
FNR-Forestry&Natural Resources SFS-Sustainable Food&Farm Sys
FR-French SLHS-Speech, Lang&Hear Science
FS-Food Science SOC-Sociology
FVS-Film And Video Studies SPAN-Spanish
GEP-Global Engineering Program STAT-Statistics
GER-German TECH-Technology
GRAD-Graduate Studies THTR-Theatre
GREK-Greek TLI-Technology Ldrshp Innovatn
GS-General Studies VCS-Veterinary Clinical Sci
HDFS-Human Dev &Family Studies VM-Veterinary Medicine
HEBR-Hebrew WGSS-Women Gend&Sexuality Std
HHS-College Health & Human Sci YDAE-Youth Develop & Ag Educ