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College of Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Honors Program

A special honors program is available for students who have demonstrated exceptional academic ability and want to conduct meaningful independent research or solve a unique design project. To enter and remain in the honors program, a student must maintain at least a 3.0 graduation index.

The program is usually initiated at the start of the second semester of the junior year by registering for IE 30000 (Honors Program Seminar). The course is designed to assist students with the identification of a suitable research or design project topic under the direction of an industrial engineering faculty member. After satisfactory completion of two consecutive semesters of IE 49900 for 3 credit hours per semester, submission of an acceptable written report, obtaining the recommendation of the course instructor and being approved by the school head, participation in the honors program is noted on the student's post-graduation transcript. The 6 credit hours of IE 49900 can be used as part of the 9 hours of unspecified technical electives during the senior year.