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College of Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Minimum Degree Requirements for Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (B.S.EE)

Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, www.abet.org.

The Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering degree requires a total of 124 credit hours and a minimum Graduation Index of 2.0. Students must qualify for admission into the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering by completion of the First-Year Engineering Program.

CoursesCredit Hours
ECE Requirements 47
EE Core Curriculum: ECE 20100, 20200, 20700, 20800, 25500, 27000, 30100, 30200, 31100 24
ECE Seminars: ECE 20000, 40000 1
Advanced EE Selectives: Choose 3 of the following: ECE 30500, 32100, 36200, 38200, 43800, 44000. Choose 4 if both ECE 43800 and 44000 are selected. ECE 36200, 43800 and 44000 also contribute to satisfaction of the ECE Upper-Level Laboratory Requirement described below. 9-11
Senior Design Requirement: ECE 40200, 47700 (taken in one semester) or at least 3 credit hours of EPCS 41100/41200 (taken over two consecutive semesters). A prerequisite for all senior design courses is completion of the EE Core Curriculum. Some Senior Design Courses may have additional prerequisites. When used to satisfy the Senior Design Rquirement, these courses cannot also be used tot satisfy the ECE Laboratory Requirement below. 3-4
ECE Electives: 
Additional ECE courses to bring total ECE credit hours to at least 47, including at least three Upper-Level Laboratory courses.
Major Area GPA: A GPA of 2.0 or higher in the ECE courses taken to satisfy the ECE
Requirements is required to qualify for graduation with the B.S.EE degree.
General Engineering 7
Introduction to Engineering: ENGR 13100, 13200 4
Engineering Breadth Requirement: Choose one course from the approved list 3
Mathematics 18-19
Choose one of the math options below. If MA 16100 and/or 16200 are taken in place of
MA 16500 and/or 16600, only 4 of the 5 credit hours for each course may be applied to
degree requirements.
Option 1: MA 16500, 16600, 26100, 26500, 26600 18
Option 2: MA 16500, 16600, 26100, 26200, and one of MA 30300, 30400, 35100, 36200, 38500, 42500, 51000 or CS 31400 19
Science 18-19
CS 15900, CHM 11500/12300, PHYS 17200 and 27200 and one of BIOL 11000, 11100, CHM 11600/12400, PHYS 31000, 32200, 34200 3
Liberal Arts 24-25
Communication Skills: ENGL 10600 or 10800, COM 11400 6-7
General Education Requirements: See General Education Program 18
Complementary Electives 8-11

The student must take additional courses to bring the total to at least 124 credit hours. These
courses should be selected to enhance the student's academic program and may include ECE courses beyond those required to complete the ECE Requirements, additional mathematics, science, engineering and liberal arts courses, or other approved electives such as management (MGMT) and entrepreneurship (ENTR).