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Construction Engineering and Management

The Division of Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) offers a degree program that prepares the graduate for practice as an engineering professional in the diverse construction industry. Coursework covers the basic physical sciences, engineering sciences, engineering principles of design, construction planning, business and management, humanities and social sciences in a curriculum tailored to address globally relevant issues as well as to meet the requirements for an accredited Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering (B.S.CNE) degree.

Construction engineers provide engineering management services that include the planning and direction of projects to construct facilities and infrastructure that serve the needs of society and business. Employing the classic construction resources elements of materials, machines, workforce, money and information — and with respect for the natural environment and the needs of the end user — the construction professional ensures that construction of designed facilities is completed in a safe manner within schedule and budgetary constraints and according to quality standards. The optimal planning and control of construction processes is the construction engineer's unique expertise.

Requirements in the construction engineering and management industry for professional engineers and managers are increasing. Increased competitiveness, advancing use of technology, global competition and the growing complexity of management challenges have created new opportunities for well-prepared graduates. The educational objectives of the B.S.CNE. degree program are to graduate students who are prepared:

  • To obtain leadership positions within their industry organizations.
  • To contribute to the advancement of the profession through participation in education, mentoring and research.
  • To pursue professional advancement through registration, certification, etc.
  • To continue their education through lifelong learning opportunities, graduate studies and/ or self study.
  • To engage in global/societal advancement through use of their professional talents to serve the communities in which they reside and by engaging in the dialogue surrounding the societal impact of engineering decisions.

The Purdue Construction Engineering program stresses study and experience in engineering as well as the management and human relations aspects of the profession. Graduates from the Purdue program, which was established in 1976, have moved into positions of significant responsibility in a variety of construction endeavors throughout the country.

Internship Program with Industry

A unique feature of this program is the requirement for three 12-week internship periods, during which the student works as a paid employee of a construction contractor or related construction organization. Through these internships, graduates gain valuable practical experience and learning to complement their classroom work and enhance their qualifications to enter professional practice in construction.

The internship director of the Division of Construction Engineering and Management facilitates the internship and monitors the intern's progress through a succession of field assignments, typically progressing from field operations and construction office operation to project management work.

The student is selected for the program through an application and an interview, generally during the second semester of his or her first year. Selection depends upon the applicant's proven academic ability, aptitude for the construction field, potential for successful performance in intern assignments and the availability of sponsor firms.

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Preparation for Graduate Education

The construction engineering curriculum prepares undergraduates for graduate-level study in construction and civil engineering. Students with interests in advanced education and research in this and related fields pursue M.S.CE, M.S.E. and Ph.D. degrees at Purdue and other leading universities.

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Minimum Grade Requirements

A minimum 2.5 EAI (GPA based on required First-Year Engineering courses) is required for admission to the construction engineering degree program. Furthermore, students in the program must obtain a grade of "C-" or better in all required courses.

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Plan of Study for Construction Engineering and Management

Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, www.abet.org.

The sample plan of study, effective Fall 2015, may be found at the following Web site: https://engineering.purdue.edu/Engr/Academics/Undergraduate/PlansOfStudy/schools/cem/bscne/fall-2015