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College of Engineering

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Suggested Plan of Study for Agricultural Engineering

Credit Hours Required for Graduation: 131

Freshman Year, see First-Year Engineering Program

ABE 12000 (Introduction to Agricultural and Biological Engineering) for one credit hour is recommended for students interested in agricultural and biological engineering, but it is not required for admission to the program. ABE 29000 (Sophomore Seminar) for 1 credit hour also is recommended in the third semester.

Sophomore Year

Third Semester
Fourth Semester
(3) ABE 20500 (Engineering Computations for Biological Systems) (3) ABE 21000 (Biological Applications of Material and Energy Balances)
(1) ABE 29000 (Sophomore Seminar) (4) MA 26200 (Linear Algebra and Differential Equations)
(4) MA 26100 (Multivariate Calculus) (3) ME 27400 (Basic Mechanics II)
(3) ME 27000 (Basic Mechanics I) (3) NUCL 27300 (Mechanics of Materials)
(3) PHYS 24100 (Electricity and Optics) (3) General education elective*
(4) Biological sciences elective    
(18)   (16)  

Junior Year

Fifth Semester
Sixth Semester
(3) ABE 30500 (Physical Properties of Biological Materials) (3) ABE 33000 (Design of Machine Components)
(4) ABE 32500 (Soil and Water Resource Engineering) (3) ECE 20100 (Linear Circuit Analysis I)
(3) AGRY 25500 (Soil Science) (4) Biological sciences elective


CE 34000 (Hydraulics) and (1) CE 34300(Elementary Hydraulics Laboratory) or (4)ME 30900 (Fluid Mechanics) (3) General education elective*
(3) General education elective* (3) Elective
(17)   (16)  

Senior Year

Seventh Semester
Eighth Semester
(3) ABE 43500 (Hydraulic Control Systemsfor Mobile Equipment) (3) ABE 49500 (Agricultural Engineering Design)
(3) ABE 45000 (Finite Element Method in
Design and Optimization)
(3) Engineering technical elective
(1) ABE 49000 (Professional Practice in
Agricultural and Biological Engineering)
(6) General education electives*
(3) Agriculture elective (3) Elective
(3) Engineering technical elective    
(3) General education elective*    
(16)   (15)  

* Eighteen credit hours of general education electives must be chosen in accordance with the general education document (available in the Student Academic Center, Room 201, Agricultural and Biological Engineering Building). Of the 18 credit hours, 3 must be economics such as ECON 25100 or 25200 and 3 must be an additional communication elective.