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College of Engineering

Nuclear Engineering

Minimum Degree Requirements for Nuclear Engineering

Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, www.abet.org.

Minimum Credit Hours Required for Graduation: 134

CoursesCredit Hours
Freshman Year (see First-Year Engineering) 34*
Mathematics 11†
Physics 3‡
General Education Electives 18
Engineering Core 53§
Technical Electives 15¶


* Freshman year credit hour total is 34 because Nuclear Engineering requires CHEM 11600, which is four credits.

† The recommended courses to satisfy the mathematics requirement involve MA 26100, 26500, 26600 (or MA 26200 in place of MA 26500, 26600) and three elective hours, for a minimum of 11 credit hours.

‡ This requirement involves PHYS 24100 (or equivalent).

§ The recommended courses to satisfy the engineering core are NUCL 20000, 20500, 27300, 29800, 30000, 30500, 31000, 32000, 32500, 35000, 35100, 35500, 39800, 40200, 44900, 45000, 49800, 51000 or 42000; ECE 20100; ME 20000, 27000 and 27400; or their equivalent. The substitution of a maximum of 6 credit hours of courses approved by the undergraduate committee will be permitted to meet special needs.

¶ After satisfactory completion of four semesters of advanced ROTC, 6 of these credits can be substituted for technical electives.

All elective courses are to be selected with the aid of the student’s counselor to best fulfill the objectives of the individual student’s program. General education electives must be chosen from the list of courses approved by the College of Engineering (available in the Nuclear Engineering Student Services Office). A maximum of 12 credit hours may be taken in any one department, a minimum of 6 credit hours must be taken in at least one department in each of the two categories of humanities and social sciences. At least 6 of the credit hours must come from courses at the 30000 level or above, or from courses with a required prerequisite in the same department.

Technical electives are to be selected from the colleges of Science, Engineering, and Health and Human Sciences, but exceptions will be considered on their merit by the undergraduate committee.

This website includes sample plans of study in a few technical areas. Students, with the help of their advisors, may create plans of study in any relevant technical discipline.