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College of Engineering

Chemistry/Chemical Engineering Dual-Degree Program

The Department of Chemistry and the School of Chemical Engineering offer a joint five-year program for students. This curriculum leads to both the degree of B.S. in Chemistry and the B.S.ChE. Graduates of this program will be certified as fulfilling the recommended requirements of the American Chemical Society. The curriculum in chemical engineering is accredited by the Engineer’s Council for Professional Development. Students wishing to participate in this program should apply accordingly and must be in the First-Year Engineering Program to complete the required ENGR 13100 and 13200 courses.

Additional information about the Chemical Engineering degree program can be found on the School of Chemical Engineering website.

Plan of Study for Chemistry/Chemical Engineering Dual Degree

Students must complete all First-Year Engineering requirements prior to admission to the School of Chemical Engineering.

Sophomore Year

Third Semester Fourth Semester
(4) CHE 20500 (Chemical Engineering Calculations)† (4) CHE 21100 (Introductory Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics)
(3) CHM 26100 (Organic Chemistry I) (3) CHM 26200 (Organic Chemistry II)
(2) CHM 26500 (Organic Chemistry
Laboratory I)
(2) CHM 26600 (Organic Chemistry Laboratory II)
(4) MA 26100 (Multivariate Calculus) (3) COM 21700 (Science Writing and Presentation)
(4) PHYS 27200 (Electricity and Optics) (4) MA 26200 (Linear Algebra and Differential Equations)
(17)   (16)  

Junior Year

Fifth Semester Sixth Semester
(4) CHE 37700 (Momentum Transfer) (3) CHE 32000 (Statistical Modeling)
(3) CHM 53300 (Introductory Biochemistry) (3) CHM 37400 (Physical Chemistry II)
(3) MA 30300 (Differential Equations for Engineering) (2) CHM 37600 (Physical Chemistry Laboratory)
(3) Foreign Language 10100 (3) Foreign Language 10200
(3) Great Issues class (3) Engineering elective
(16)   (14)  

Senior Year

Seventh Semester Eighth Semester
(3) CHE 30600 (Design of Staged Separation Processes) (4) CHE 37800 (Heat and Mass Transfer)
(4) CHE 34800 (Chemical Reaction Engineering) (4) CHM 24100 (Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry)
(4) CHM 32100 (Analytical Chemistry I) (1) CHM 51300 (Literature)
(3) Foreign Language 20100 (3) Chemical engineering elective
    (3) General education elective
(14)   (15)  

Fifth Year

Ninth Semester Tenth Semester
(1) CHE 40000 (Chemical Engineering Seminar) (4) CHE 45000 (Design and Analysis of
Processing Systems)
(4) CHE 43500 (Chemical Engineering Laboratory I) (4) CHM 34200 (Inorganic Chemistry I)
(3) CHE 45600 (Process Dynamics and Control) (1) CHM 49400 (Chemistry Seminar)
(4) CHM 42400 (Analytical Chemistry II) (3) Engineering elective
(3) General education elective (3) General education elective
(15)   (15)  

* If MA 16100 and/or 16200 is taken, the course or courses will be accepted as only 4 credit hours each toward meeting the graduation requirements for Chemical Engineering.

† Student must earn a "C" or better in CHE 20500 to continue to enroll in Chemical Engineering courses.