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College of Education and Teacher Education

Graduation Requirements

The requirements for the baccalaureate degree include certification by the dean of the appropriate college that a student has completed his or her plan of study.

Attainment of the objectives of the College of Education is sought in two ways. One is through the specialized knowledge students acquire as they major in one or more of the subject matters offered by the department in the college. The other is through the opportunity to gain skill and knowledge in other areas of learning through a combination of requirements and free electives.

Pass/Not-Pass Grading Option

Students enrolled in the College of Education may elect to take courses under the pass/not-pass option subject to University guidelines as stated in University Regulations and subject to the following College of Education guidelines.

  1. A College of Education student may not elect the pass/not-pass option for any course he or she plans to use to fulfill a departmental or College of Education requirement. Required directed electives may not be taken under the pass/not-pass option.
  2. A student who passes a course required by the College of Education under the pass/not-pass option while enrolled in another school or college in the University or while enrolled in another university is considered upon transfer to the College of Education to have met the College of Education requirement with a grade of "C-." Such a course must meet Purdue University criteria for transfer courses and must have been accepted by Purdue University.
  3. The student will indicate at the time he or she registers which courses are to be taken under the pass/not-pass option. Standard registration procedures such as the rules governing drop/add, withdrawal from courses, etc., will be followed.

Degrees Offered

The College of Education offers the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in three program areas: elementary education, social studies education and special education. Students seeking preparation in teacher education programs located in the colleges of Agriculture, Health and Human Sciences, Liberal Arts, Science, and Technology are awarded the appropriate degree from the college in which they enrolled.