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College of Agriculture

Program Policies

Pass/Not-Pass Grading Options

A student classified as a sophomore or higher who has a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average may elect the pass/not-pass grading option. A maximum of 21 credits of selective or elective courses under the pass/not-pass grading option can be used toward graduation requirements.

Forestry and Natural Resources Field Experience Policy

Curricula in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources provide the knowledge to understand and assess the general condition of natural resource systems, focusing on forests, watersheds and associated flora and fauna. Management of these systems to achieve desired goals is emphasized.

The faculty believes that field experience is critical to understanding forest and water ecosystems. It is also necessary to provide students with practical skills needed to carry out professional duties. Field training is provided through frequent campus-based field exercises. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the numerous summer job opportunities that are available. In addition, students in fisheries and aquatic sciences, forestry and wildlife attend a five-week field practicum currently in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This five-week field practicum is usually taken in the summer session following the sophomore year.

Individual Achievement Credits

The faculty may award credits for work accomplished independently and apart from classroom requirements. This work must represent creative effort and show evidence of personal development, professional attainment and potential for social usefulness. Such achievement credit can be substituted for selective or elective courses in undergraduate plans of study.

Selectives and Electives

Undergraduate plans of study include both selective and elective courses. Selective courses are chosen from a specified list. Electives are chosen in consultation with an academic advisor from all courses that are offered. Remedial or preparatory courses cannot be used as electives in plans of study. All electives are subject to the approval of the studentís academic advisor.