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College of Agriculture

Multicultural Awareness

(3 credits)

All undergraduate plans of study leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Forestry or Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture must include a minimum of three credits of multicultural awareness selectives.

Students must broaden their awareness of the United States domestic, multicultural environment. The objective of the multicultural awareness component of the core curriculum is to stimulate students to become aware of self and others to be better prepared for the workplace and participatory citizenship.

This requirement may be fulfilled through:

  • (3) AGR 20100 (Communicating Across Culture). The AGR 20100 course coordinator and lead instructor will be the assistant dean and director of the College of Agriculture Office of Diversity Programs. The course coordinator is responsible for validating the competency of faculty members responsible for laboratory sections. AGR 20100 credits may be used to fulfill written and oral communication, social science and humanities, or departmental requirements.
  • Selection is from the multicultural selectives course list. All courses must go through a validation process to be added to the list. Courses that include multicultural awareness components developed by College of Agriculture departments will follow this process.
  • (0) AGR 49600 (Multicultural Professional Experience). Successful completion of an approved non-credit multicultural awareness work experience (AGR 49600) of a minimum of 4 weeks' duration may be used in lieu of three credits of multicultural awareness selectives to fulfill the multicultural awareness requirement. The assistant dean for diversity will be the instructor of record for AGR 49600. Course proposals that address the learning objectives of the experience and define how the culture in which the immersion will take place is different from their native culture will be evaluated for approval by the assistant dean for diversity. Approval is required as a condition for registration.