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College of Agriculture

Agribusiness: Food Marketing

This Department of Agricultural Economics program is designed for students preparing for careers in sales and management of food manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing operations. Students are given a broad education in food economics, marketing and management, which prepares them for successful careers in the food distribution system of the twenty-first century. Graduates are employed by food manufacturing firms, independent grocery firms, chain store organizations, affiliated wholesale groups, grocery product wholesalers, food service distributors, food brokerage firms and related organizations.

Credit Hours Required: 130 (See Core Graduation Requirements for Additional Information.)

Freshman Year

First Semester
Second Semester
(1) AGEC 20200 (Spreadsheet Use in Agricultural Business) (3) AGEC 21700 (Economics)
(3) AGEC 20300 (Introductory Microeconomics for Food and Agribusiness) (3) COM 11400 (Fundamentals of Speech Communication)
(0.5) AGR 10100 (Introduction to the College of Agriculture and Purdue University) (4) Biological sciences selective
(0.5) AGR 11200 (Introduction to Agricultural Economics Academic Programs) (3) Humanities selective
(4) ENGL 10600 (First-Year Composition) (3) Elective
(3) MA 22000 (Introduction to Calculus) or
MA 22300
(Introductory Analysis I)
(4) Biological sciences selective
(16) (16)

Sophomore Year

Third Semester
Fourth Semester
(3) AGEC 22000 (Economics of Agricultural Markets) (3) AGEC 33000 (Management Methods for Agricultural Business) or ENTR 20000 (Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation)
(1) AGEC 29800 (Sophomore Seminar) (3) CHM 11200 (General Chemistry)
(3) CHM 11100 (General Chemistry) (2) FS 24500 (Food Packaging)
(3) FS 16100 (Science of Food) (3) MGMT 20000 (Introductory Accounting)
(3) STAT 30100 (Elementary Statistical Methods) (3) Humanities selective
(3) Social science selective (3) Written or oral communication selective
(16) (17)

Junior Year

Fifth Semester
Sixth Semester
(3) AGEC 32700 (Principles of Food and Agribusiness Marketing) (3) AGEC 33300 (Food Distribution — A Retailing Perspective)
(3) AGEC 33100 (Principles of Selling in Agricultural Business) (3) AGEC 45100 (Applied Econometrics) or mathematics or sciences selective*
(3) AGEC 35200 (Quantitative Techniques for Firm Decision Making) or mathematics or sciences selective* (3) FN 30300 (Essentials of Nutrition) or
FN 31500
(Fundamentals of Nutrition)
(4) AGEC 42400 (Financial Management of Agricultural Business) (1) FS 34000 (Introduction to Food Law and Regulations)
(3) Social science or humanities selective (6) Electives
(16) (16)

Senior Year

Seventh Semester
Eighth Semester
(3) Economics selective (3) FS 44300 (Food Processing III)
(3) Social science, humanities or international understanding selective (3) Food and agribusiness management selective
(3) Written or oral communication selective (2) Mathematics or sciences selective
(9) Electives (3) Social science or humanities selective (30000+ level)
(4) Electives
(18) (15)

* Student must complete quantitative techniques for firm decision-making or applied econometrics.