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College of Agriculture

Academic Minors

Animal Sciences

Credit Hours Required: 18*

One course must be completed in at least two of the following areas.


(3) ANSC 22100 (Principles of Animal Nutrition)


(4) ANSC 23000 (Physiology of Domestic Animals)
(4) BIOL 20300 (Human Anatomy and Physiology)
(4) BIOL 20400 (Human Anatomy and Physiology)


(4) ANSC 31100 (Animal Breeding)
(3) ANSC 51100 (Population Genetics)
(3) ANSC 51400 (Animal Biotechnology)
(3) BIOL 41500 (Introduction to Molecular Biology)


(3) ANSC 20100 (Functional Anatomy and Animal Performance)
(4) ANSC 30100 (Animal Growth, Development and Evaluation)
(3) ANSC 35100 (Meat Science)

The remainder of the 18 credits may be completed from other courses listed above, or from Animal Sciences (ANSC) courses numbered 30100 or higher. Not more than four total credits from ANSC 37000, 37100, 37200, 47000, 47100 and 47200 may be used. Only one of the physiology courses listed above may be used to satisfy the minor.

* Effective in the 2009 Fall Semester, it is required that students who matriculate in 2009 or thereafter achieve a minimum 2.00 grade point average in graded ANSC courses to meet minimum requirements for the Animal Sciences academic minor.