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About CAPS

CAPS Mission Statement

Our mission is to help Purdue University students maximize the value of their life experiences. As we develop collaborative relationships in a safe and respectful environment, the unique value and dignity of each individual and group is held paramount. We accomplish our mission through a variety of professional services, including individual, group, and couples psychotherapy; psychological testing; psychopharmacology; crisis intervention; alcohol and other drug program; outreach and consultation; and the training of helping professionals.

CAPS Diversity Statement

Purdue University is a diverse community that includes many groups of people. Some have been historically and are currently discriminated against on the basis of in group characteristics. The staff of CAPS believes that prejudice and discrimination are detrimental to human development.

Therefore, CAPS has a strong commitment to meeting the needs of diverse people. In all clinical, assessment, training, psychiatric, program, and outreach services we strive to create an environment where all people feel welcome. As a staff, we attempt to facilitate mutual respect and understanding among people of diverse racial, ethnic, and national backgrounds, sexual/affectional orientations, mental and physical abilities, languages, classes, ages, religion/spiritual beliefs, socioeconomic background as well as other types of diversity. Purdue University states that it is an equal access and equal opportunity university.

CAPS also values the creation and maintenance of an atmosphere of openness and trust in which everyone is encouraged to explore and discuss their attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors. The staff at CAPS continues to assess its progress in fostering an environment where everyone is respected, welcomed, and appreciated.

Placement within Student Life

A division of the Student Health Center

CAPS is a service area within Purdue University Student Health (PUSH). PUSH is a member of the Student Life area of Purdue University and is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) as an ambulatory facility. PUSH offers several services in addition to therapy and psychological services including specializations in allergy, immunization, radiology, physical therapy, internal medicine, sports medicine, women's health services, health promotion, and labs.


CAPS maintains two main locations, in the Psychological Sciences Building (PSYC) and in PUSH. CAPS also maintains a satellite office in the Vawter Residence Hall. Interns, post-doctoral residents, and practicum trainees are active service providers at both main locations. CAPS' multidisciplinary staff is composed of Ph.D. and Psy.D. licensed psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, M.D. psychiatrists, and support staff.

Interns have individual, fully furnished and equipped offices at the PSYC location. Desktop PC's have access to the university mainframe and internet. Webcams are utilized for recording clinical sessions and are stored on a secure server. Recordings are accessible only to the individual intern, his or her supervisor, and to CAPS web administrators. CAPS maintains a library of relevant and up to date psychology books and journals.

Practicum students share an office at the PSYC location. Therapy sessions are conducted in separate offices within the PSYC location. Sessions are recorded using laptop computers equipped with webcam devices.