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Solutions Group for students with ADHD

This group is designed specifically for Purdue University students diagnosed with ADHD. The format of the group allows for students to talk about their ADHD with other students who have ADHD. Students discuss and develop effective strategies and routines to help them manage the challenges of ADHD.

Each group member identifies individual goals.

  •  Change is facilitated through the interaction between the coaches and the group members.
  •  Group members hold one another accountable provide support, and problem-solve collaboratively.
  •  You are expected to commit to attending at least 5 group meetings during the course of the semester.

How do I begin?

  • You are asked to come to an orientation session prior to your first group meeting.
  • An appointment is required, and may be scheduled with Don Werden at (765) 494-6995.
  • This meeting will facilitate:
    • Establishment of the coaching relationship.
    • The coaches' ability to learn some history around your diagnosis.
    • Establishment of goals.
    • Orientation to the group process and expectations.

Group Meeting Time(s)

  • The group only meets during the fall and spring semesters.
  • Please see Support Groups section on our Group Listings/Times page for the most accurate information.
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