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Group Coaching

Solutions Group for students with ADHD

This group is designed specifically for Purdue University students diagnosed with ADHD and is co-sponsored by CAPS and ODOS.

Each group member identifies individual goals.

  •  Change is facilitated through the interaction between the coaches and the group members.
  •  Group members hold one another accountable provide support, and problem-solve collaboratively.
  •  You are expected to commit to attending at least 5 group meetings during the course of the semester.

How do I begin?

  • You are asked to come to an orientation session prior to your first group meeting.
  • An appointment is required, and may be scheduled with Don Werden at (765) 494-6995.
  • This meeting will facilitate:
    • Establishment of the coaching relationship.
    • The coaches' ability to learn some history around your diagnosis.
    • Establishment of goals.
    • Orientation to the group process and expectations.

Group Meeting Time(s)

  • The group only meets during the fall and spring semesters.
  • Please see Support Groups section on our Group Listings/Times page for the most accurate information.
Frequently Asked Questions