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Self-Care things you can do NOW for your Mental Health

  • Talk with someone who cares for you (e.g., friends, advisor, RA, family) about your stress and ask for extra support. Be as specific as you can about what helps.
  • Get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation makes stress much worse. Sleeping on a consistent schedule is very important.
  • Set realistic goals. Be flexible and patient if things do not go as planned.
  • Move your body. Physical activity helps reduce stress and anxiety. Don’t plan to exercise more than an hour per day. Check out some activities at the CoRec (
  • Maintain a sense of humor. Laughing is especially helpful when you feel stressed.
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and other non-prescribed drugs. These may make anxiety and depression worse.
  • Do things you enjoy or that are meaningful to improve your mood (e.g., watch a comedy, listen to uplifting music, volunteer, go for a walk, etc.).
  • Keep a routine, such as attending classes, work, and social activities.
  • Talk with your advisor or professors to explore options for the rest of the semester.
  • Reduce stress by eliminating or reducing unnecessary obligations.
  • Live in the present. Think about what you need to do in the next hour or two.
  • Remind yourself that this distress is temporary and your feelings can change for the better.
  • Try not to make any major decisions or changes in your life while you are in a very distressed or emotional place.

Other Campus Resources

If you need more help...

Make a plan about what to do if your mood or situation worsens. Some options are:

      • Visit CAPS at the PUSH location or call at 765-494-6995 and ask to speak to an on-call therapist.

      • Call CAPS’ after-hours emergency line at 765-494-6995 (option 1) to speak with a clinician.

      • Get an in-person evaluation at any time by going to:
        o Sycamore Springs - 833 Park E. Blvd, Lafayette,  (765) 743-4400
        o Franciscan Health Emergency Room - 1701 S. Creasy Lane, Lafayette, (765) 502-4400

      • If your concerns are substance related, consider attending local 12 Step groups.

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