CAPS Launches New Wellness Application

Purdue Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) has launched a web and application based service to address student mental health and wellness needs.

Known as WellTrack, the software tool provides an additional way for students to address challenges they face on campus. WellTrack is available to all actively enrolled students at the West Lafayette campus. Students do not have to be connected to CAPS to access and use the program.

WellTrack is an online mental health and wellness tool for students that enables them to track their moods and learn ways to cope and manage them more effectively. It can be used alone or in conjunction with therapy provided by clinicians at CAPS. WellTrack includes an invitation-only sharing feature that allows students to voluntarily share their WellTrack information with their clinician at CAPS, aiding in their ongoing therapy. Students can choose to cancel the information sharing at any time. "Students frequently encounter new or troubling situations." says Susan Prieto-Welch, director of CAPS. "WellTrack will empower students with tools to cope with these situations, learn about themselves and grow. It also provides a valuable additional resource as CAPS' clinicians work with students to address the concerns of Boilermakers in need of support."

Students can access this tool by registering using their email address and logging in to the hosted site at: Students can also download the application, available for Android and Apple devices.

Need more information? Check our WellTrack FAQ page.