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Group Psychotherapy

Peer-to-peer interaction

Group Therapy

Group therapy provides exciting opportunities for growth and development.
Confidentiality is discussed in all groups.

Group offers:

  • An open, trusting, and safe environment
  • Hope, genuineness, caring, and support
  • A place to feel accepted and connected
  • The opportunity to learn about one’s self and different ways of relating to people

Group Categories and Focus

1. Process Groups

Students can:

  • share experiences with other CAPS clients
  • give and receive support and feedback
  • experiment with new interpersonal behaviors
  • talk about in-group, peer-to-peer interactions

A group orientation must be completed prior to beginning a process group

2. Support Groups

Students who share similar issues can:

  • talk with peers
  • give and receive support
  • learn new ways of interacting with others

3. Psycho-educational Groups

Students can:

  • focus on education and learning
  • increase knowledge of resources
  • build coping skills

Group Listings and Times

To obtain more detailed information regarding the types of groups available please view our Group Listings and Times page or call (765) 494-6995.