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International Student Statement of Support during COVID-19

Updated July 16, 2020

As international students at Purdue University, you face a variety of complications in addition to the rapidly changed environment all students are facing during the current world pandemic. You may be experiencing increased concerns about your academic future with certain recent governmental changes affecting visa status. Purdue CAPS stands with you with tele-therapy and tele-health treatment as well as a dedicated, ever-growing webpage addressing concerns that may affect you.

Have you experienced prejudice or discrimination during the COVID-19 outbreak? Please consider the following resources as suggestions to both validate these experiences and to help cope and care for your mental wellbeing.

Coping may also include ways to respond to discrimination.

Additional resources for coping with prejudice and stigma.


Discrimination Survival Skills by Casiana Warfield, M.S.

In response to increasing xenophobia, particularly towards Asian/Asian American individuals in the U.S., Casiana Warfield, M.S., a Psychology Doctoral Intern at CAPS, created a presentation concerned with coping with discrimination. This presentation offers coping strategies (distress tolerance skills as described in Dialectical Behavior Therapy) as an immediate response to the trauma of discrimination, direct or vicarious in nature. While the historical background and introduction provided are tailored to the experience of Asians/Asian Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic, discrimination survival skills may be applied with other marginalized individuals attempting to manage a crisis without an immediate solution or escape.



Distress Tolerance Skills

Distress Tolerance Skills: Your 6-Skill Guide to Navigate Emotional Crises courtesy of Sunrise


Paired Muscle Relaxation

Brief Progressive Muscle Relaxation Video courtesy of

15 minute Progressive Muscle Relaxation with Video courtesy of Relax for a While

30-minute audio only Progressive Muscle Relaxation video courtesy of

Relaxation Exercises Scripts PDF courtesy of


Resources for Reporting Discrimination or Hate Crimes

Purdue University Office of Institutional Equity

Indiana Civil Rights Commission: 317-232-2600; toll free 1-800-628-2909, email

Victim Connect Resource Center: Hate Crimes

Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council: Stop AAPI Hate 

New York: Emailing the Attorney General's Civil Rights Bureau at, or calling 1-800-771-7755