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Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Program

Three Tiers of Service Provision

CAPS provides alcohol and other drug services to actively enrolled Purdue University students. These services may provide support for students as they seek help for a substance abuse problem, or satisfy university and/or legal sanctions.

Tier One

Referrals for addiction treatment

Individual and group therapy are officered. Through these sessions, students will have the opportunity to address concerns they may have about their substance use. Therapy services are not a substitute for any court ordered or university sanctioned programs and therapists will not write letters for court-related issues.

Individual therapy or consultation

Substance Recovery Group

Tier Two

Services for students seeking help for substance abuse

The focus of CAPS is to provide services through a brief outpatient therapy model. When addiction treatment or detoxification services are needed, which go beyond what can be effectively and safely offered through CAPS, we will facilitate referrals to an appropriate program in Lafayette or Indianapolis.

Individual and group therapy services are offered. These sessions provide the opportunity for students to address concerns they may have regarding their substance use. However, therapy services of this nature cannot be substituted for any court ordered or university sanctioned programs. Therapists will not write letters for court related issues.

Off Campus Addiction Treatment Services

Tier Three

Services for university disciplinary and/or legal sanctions

CAPS provides AOD evaluations for students who are mandated by the university or the court system to attend such an evaluation. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the CAPS AOD program meets court requirements. As part of the AOD evaluation, CAPS clinicians will provide recommendations for follow-up interventions, for example a referral to Tippecanoe County Court Services for AOD classes.

Students who require addiction treatment, which is more intensive than what can be offered through CAPS brief therapy model, are referred to an outside agency. CAPS does not provide detox services. In these cases, CAPS will help facilitate referral to an appropriate program in Lafayette or Indianapolis.

AOD Evaluations

For further questions about the services offered by the Alcohol and Other Drug Program, please contact Margot Schuerman, Psy.D., HSPP.