TSD Program Special Projects

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Key Dates

Events Cycle 1

December 8, 2020


January 4, 2021

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Administrative Contact

John Fry ( johnfry@purdue.edu)

Funding Opportunity Description: The Targets, Structures and Drugs (TSD) Program of the Purdue Center for Cancer Research (PCCR) would like to allocate funds to support the following project options:

Collaborative Pipeline Grant (up to $15,000)

The collaborative team must be composed of members of two different Research Clusters in TSD (Target Validation, Chemical and Structural Biology, and Medicinal Chemistry), which can provide some trainee support and supplies for projects that are both cancer relevant and that could lead to new therapeutic approaches. Preference is for new collaborations but new directions for existing collaborations is also acceptable.

Drug Synthesis Grant (up to $10,000)

Funds for generating chemical precursors to conduct an in vivo screen, such as in the canine oncology facility. Budget is limited to synthesis. If working with a CRO, a formal quote is required. The feasibility of the screen must be well justified.

TSD Shared Resource Grant (up to $5,000)

Funds to use PCCR shared resources. Cannot be used to support projects that have already received Shared Resource Funding from PCCR.

CLICK HERE to submit your electronic application by 5 pm on the cycle due date. No exceptions. The electronic submission system will not allow applications beyond the deadline. Once here, you can enter your Purdue e-mail and password.

Qualifications/Restrictions:  Applicants must be current members of the Purdue University Center for Cancer Research and members of the Targets, Structures and Drugs program.

Cost share: This announcement does not require cost sharing.

Funds Available and Anticipated Number of Awards: The number of awards is contingent upon PCCR endowments, gifts and other funds and the submission of meritorious applications.

Award Budget: The proposal will be funded at a level appropriate for the proposed work.  See restrictions.

Award Project Period: See the individual descriptions that follow, however it is expected that work will commence within less than two (2) months of the date of award.  A project period of no more than five (5) months will be assigned to projects. If funds are not spent by 6/30/2021, funds will be returned to the Purdue Center for Cancer Research.

Award Restrictions: Restrictions are listed in descriptions above.

Award Requirements:  Acceptance of an award will indicate your willingness to serve on the Center’s Pilot Grants Review Committee and to possibly represent the Center at the annual Indiana Elks Convention.  The awardee MUST acknowledge the PCCR. Suggested publication acknowledgement:

“The authors gratefully acknowledge the <insert shared resource name> and support from the Purdue University Center for Cancer Research, P30CA023168”

No Cost Extension (NCE): No cost extensions are not allowed. If funds are not spent by 6/30/2021, funds will be returned to the Purdue Center for Cancer Research.

Regulatory: Please note the award is contingent upon obtaining all of the necessary regulatory approvals (e.g., IRB, IACUC, PACUC) or a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) pertaining to the work that has pending approvals.

Reporting: Responding to periodic request of progress is required.  Triage of future applications may occur if reporting requests are ignored.

Proposal Guidelines:

  1. Proposal Length: The proposal should be single-spaced and a maximum of five pages in length (Arial, 11pt) with no less than 0.5 inch margins.
  2. Required Proposal Structure:
    1. One (1) page cover letter that indicates which type of grant is being requested and which TSD program members are involved in the proposal.
    2. Two (2) page proposal
      1. Proposal Title
      2. Background
      3. Significance
      4. Preliminary data
      5. Research strategy
      6. Brief description of how the project will fit into long term plans to obtain grants, publications, or new therapeutic approaches
    3. One (1) page bibliography
    4. One (1) budget justification
    5. Letters of support from directors of core facilities, CRO's, or external collaborators, as appropriate. Letters do not count toward five (5) page limit.

Announcement History and Updates

Funding Opportunity Number Summary of Change
PCCR-TSD-FY2020-01 Initiation of Announcement
PCCR-TSD-FY2020-02 Changed dates, award amounts, and NCE requirements
PCCR-TSD-FY2020-03 Changed dates, award amounts, and proposal requirements