SIRG Grad Research Assistantship

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Key Dates

Announcement January 13, 2023
Due March 1, 2023

Administrative Contact

John Fry (

Funding Opportunity Description

The Purdue University Institute for Cancer Research has allocated SIRG Graduate Research Assistantships from the Office of the Executive Vice President for Research and Partnerships (EVPRP). The center is soliciting nominations from Institute Faculty Members (only) for outstanding graduate students undertaking cancer-related research.

Significance and relevance to cancer will be given high priority in awarding the center-administered SIRG Assistantships. In addition, the approach to the research will also be evaluated. Please indicate the predicted outcomes for the proposed research plan (publication(s) or/and the contribution of the research to extramural grant submission). The trainee is expected to write the proposal.

To apply, please submit your electronic application by 5 pm on the cycle due date. No exceptions. The electronic submission system will not allow applications beyond the deadline. Once here, you can enter your Purdue username and password.


Only students in good standing (minimum GPA = 3.5) working for their PhD degree may apply. Students must have passed the oral prelims and/or be admitted to PhD candidacy before June 1, 2023. If by June 1, 2023 an awardee has not fulfilled this requirement, the SIRG will revert to the center. Applications that are submitted through other departments can be submitted to the center in response to this call, providing the projects are cancer-relevant. Only one application per faculty member is allowed.

Cost share

The amount of this award is a standard amount that the EVPRP office designates. Because every department/college has different stipend amounts, some cost share may be required to standardize the stipend.

Funds Available and Anticipated Number of Awards

A total of three awards will be available.

Award Budget

Not applicable.

Award Project Period

12 months, starting June 1, 2023

Award Requirements

Recipients will be required to submit a one-page summary of the project in lay language before the award is activated.

Required Publication Acknowledgement

“The authors gratefully acknowledge the SIRG Graduate Research Assistantships Award and support from the Purdue University Institute for Cancer Research, P30CA023168.” The awardee is required to include the cancer institute logo on their presentations and may contact the administrative contact listed above.

General Requirements

The applicant will provide their ORCID for reporting purposes during the electronic application process. For assistance, use the administrative contact listed above.

No Cost Extension (NCE)

No cost extensions are not allowed. All funds must be expended by June 30, 2023.


Please note the award is contingent upon obtaining all of the necessary regulatory approvals (e.g., IRB, IACUC, PACUC) or a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) pertaining to the work that has pending approvals.


Responding to periodic requests of career impact is required. Triage of future applications may occur if reporting requests are ignored.

Application Guidelines

  1. Application Length: The application should be single-spaced and a maximum of five pages in length (Arial, 11pt) with no less than 0.5-inch margins.
  2. Required Application Structure:
    1. Specific aim of the project
    2. Background and significance (This section should emphasize cancer relevance as well as provide clear precedent motivating proposed project)
    3. Approach/plan of research (This will be evaluated based on hypotheses to be tested as well as proposed experimental approach. Remember to state the outcomes and/or path to publication.)
    4. Cited Literature (not included in page limit)
    5. Personal statement on how this award would contribute toward your cancer research career (not included in page limit)
  3. For the electronic submission, the items to upload should include (all combined into 1 file):
    1. Five-page application
    2. Brief CV of the student including grade point average and number of semesters in the program
    3. Letter of recommendation from the major professor which must include a paragraph stating the cancer relevance of the project and why it should be supported by a PCCR SIRG award. In particular, please describe if the proposed experiments are described in any submitted/funded proposals by the faculty advisor. Once you submit your electronic application, your major professor will receive an automated email asking for this letter.
    4. The following information will be collected in the on-line application. Once you submit your electronic application, your major professor will receive an automated email asking for this information:
      1. Faculty - please provide the following information:
        1. Do you currently have a PCCR SIRG Grant from 2021-2023? If yes, expiration date and Sponsor Program number?
        2. Student graduate Index (GPA)______________ (Based on ______________ accumulative hours completed)
        3. Has this student passed their prelim exams? If no, what date is passage expected?
        4. Did the student or professor write this proposal?
      2. Students - please provide the following information:
        1. Have you applied to other graduate assistantship grants for 2021-2023?
        2. Have you submitted this proposal to another department? If yes, which department?
        3. Accomplishments by the student: please indicate publication record, contribution to extramural grant awards or Patent Disclosures.
        4. Do you currently have an active PCCR SIRG award? If yes, what is the expiration date?

Review Criteria

  1. Cancer-relevance of the project
  2. Impact the award will have on the development of the trainee. This can include the productivity/accomplishments of the trainee.
  3. Selection committee could consist of senior/program leaders, PCCR members or other experts.

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PCCR-SIRG-FY2023-01 Initiation of Announcement