F31 Scholarships

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Key Dates

Announcement June 1, 2023
Due ongoing

Administrative Contact

Sara Strasser (sstrasse@purdue.edu)

Funding Opportunity Description

The Purdue University Institute of Cancer Research (PU-ICR) provides two scholarships for graduate students submitting an F31 grant application to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The first scholarship is for $250. It will be awarded to any graduate student who submits an F31 proposal that as a high cancer relevance OR any graduate student who has participated in the F31 grant writing workshop and submits a semi-cancer relevant proposal.

The second scholarship is awarded if the submitted F31 grant proposal is funded. Graduate students can then apply for an additional scholarship of $1,200. For this scholarship, the proposal MUST have high cancer relevance.

These scholarships will be paid directly to the student.

CLICK HERE to submit your electronic application for the first scholarship of $250 after the submission of your F31 grant application to the NIH. CLICK HERE to submit your electronic application for the second scholarship of $1,200 after your F31 grant is funded by the NIH.


Students who have submitted an F31 grant application since April 2021 and meet the above requirements are eligible for these scholarships.

Each of these scholarships will only be awarded once. If your F31 grant does not get awarded, you may resubmit a revised application.  If the revised application gets funded, you can apply for the $1,200 scholarship, however you will not receive an additional $250 scholarship for resubmitted applications.

Cost share

This announcement does not require cost sharing.

Funds Available and Anticipated Number of Scholarships

No limit to number of scholarships.

Scholarship Budget

The scholarship will not exceed $1,200.  See restrictions.

Scholarship Project Period

The scholarship is intended for attending a professional conference or fees associated with registering for an on-line conference or course before December 31, 2023.

Scholarship Restrictions

This scholarship is only for students submitting an F31 grant application beginning in April 2021 to current. 

Scholarship Requirements

Required publication acknowledgement

Not applicable.

General requirement

The applicant must provide prior to submission of the proposal their ORCID for reporting purposes during the electronic application process.  For assistance use the administrative contact listed above.

No Cost Extension (NCE)

Not applicable.


Not applicable.


Not applicable.

Application Guidelines

Not applicable.

Review Criteria

  1. Cancer-relevance of the project

Announcement History And Updates

Funding Opportunity Number Summary of Change
PCCR-F31-FY2023-01 Initiation of Announcement