DDMS Program Special Projects

Funding Opportunity Number


Funding Opportunity Title


Key Dates

Events Cycle 1

September 21, 2022


November 18, 2022 (every two month after this deadline until available funds are committed.)

Award Amount

up to $30,000

Administrative Contact

John Fry ( johnfry@purdue.edu)

Funding Opportunity Description: The Drug Delivery and Molecular Sensing (DDMS) Program of the Purdue Institute for Cancer Research would like to allocate funds to support the following project options:

DDMS Collaborative Pilot Grant (up to $30,000 per year; may be renewed for the second year upon successful completion of milestones)

For projects supporting the DDMS drug delivery and imaging technology pipeline. Preference is given to projects that (i) align with DDMS’s strategic direction (artificial intelligence/machine learning-based drug delivery or imaging technologies; delivery of immunotherapeutics or nucleic acid agents), (ii) involve an intraprogrammatic collaborations (such as robotics surgery, multimodal imaging for diagnostics and discovery, and imaged-guided drug delivery). It is anticipated that the grants will generate extramural grants or publications within a year. New collaborations are encouraged, but new directions for existing collaborations is also acceptable. These grants can be used to support trainees, supplies for projects, open access publication fee, and usage of cancer institute shared resources.

CLICK HERE to submit your electronic application. Once here you can enter your Purdue credentials. 

Qualifications/Restrictions:  Applicants must be current members of the Purdue University Institute for Cancer Research's Drug Delivery and Molecular Sensing (DDMS) program. Applicants are encouraged to contact program leaders (Bumsoo Han, bumsoo@purdue.edu; Yoon Yeo, yyeo@purdue.edu) prior to submission to confirm the availablility of funds.

Cost share: This announcement does not require cost sharing.

Funds Available and Anticipated Number of Awards: The number of awards is contingent upon cancer institute endowments, gifts and other funds and the submission of meritorious applications.

Award Budget: The proposal will be funded at a level appropriate for the proposed work. See restrictions.

Award Project Period: See the individual descriptions that follow; however, it is expected that work will commence within less than two (2) months of the date of award.  A project period of no more than twelve (12) months will be assigned to projects. If funds are not spent in 12 months, funds will be returned to the Purdue Institute for Cancer Research.

Award Restrictions: Restrictions are listed in descriptions above.

Award Requirements:  Acceptance of an award will indicate your willingness to serve on the Institute’s Pilot Grants Review Committee and to possibly represent the Institute at the annual Indiana Elks Convention.  The awardee MUST acknowledge the cancer institute. Suggested publication acknowledgement:

“The authors gratefully acknowledge the <insert shared resource name> and support from the Purdue University Institute for Cancer Research, P30CA023168”

No Cost Extension (NCE): No cost extensions are highly discouraged.  An exception might be considered on a case-by-case basis. Requests must be made to the administration of the cancer institute and DDMS leadership.  The center is very interested in making sure the project is advancing and achieving funding and scholarly production for its NCI renewal.

Regulatory: Please note the award is contingent upon obtaining all of the necessary regulatory approvals (e.g., IRB, IACUC, PACUC) or a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) pertaining to the work that has pending approvals.

Reporting: Responding to periodic request of progress is required.  Triage of future applications may occur if reporting requests are ignored.

Proposal Guidelines:

  1. Proposal Length: The proposal should be single-spaced and a maximum of five pages in length (Arial, 11pt) with no less than 0.5 inch margins.
  2. Required Proposal Structure:
    1. One (1) specific aim page that describes how the project meets the preference criteria of the DDMS Collaborative Pilot Grant (project area; intraprogrammatic collaboration; timeline/likelihood of external grants/publication).
    2. Up to three (3) page proposal
      1. Proposal Title
      2. Background
      3. Significance
      4. Preliminary data (optional)
      5. Research strategy
      6. Brief description of how the project will fit into long term plans to obtain grants, publications, or new drug delivery & imaging technologies.
    3. One (1) budget justification
    4. Bibliography (not in the page limit)
    5. Letters of support from directors of core facilities, CRO's, or external collaborators, as appropriate (not in the page limit)
    6. NIH Biosketch of investigators
    7. Current and Pending Funding of investigators  

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