2019-20 Seminar Series Schedule

The Center for Cancer Research hosts a weekly seminar from 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM on Thursdays in the Purdue Institute for Drug Discovery Conference Room, unless otherwise noted. Light refreshments are served.  These seminars provide the cancer research community a chance to get together to talk about new ideas, learn about new research, and support developing research. This seminar is for graduate and undergraduate students, staff, and faculty from across the university who have an interest in cancer research. Join us!  

Event Date Speaker Name Seminar Title


Jeffrey Tyner
Oregon Health & Science University

Functional approaches to define tumor intrinsic and extrinsic targets for novel therapeutic regimens - Poster


Charles Chalfant
University of South Florida

The role of the interaction of Ceramide-1-phosphate with Cytosolic phospholipase A2 in Wound Healing - Poster

Blaine Bartholomew
MD Anderson

ATP-dependent chromatin remodelers in development and cancer              - Poster
12/5/19 Leonard Freedman
Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research
1/30/20 Roger Williams
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
2/20/20 Paul Galardy
Mayo Clinic
3/26/20 Tracy Handel
University of California San Diego
4/2/20 Amanda Lund
The Knight Cancer Institute at the Oregon Health and Science University
4/16/20 Mark Bedford
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center