"In my job, I get to help the dogs, help the dogs’ families and learn something that helps people. That is a tremendously exciting thing to do."

Debbie Knapp

“As I’ve interacted with cancer survivors in my work, I’ve become passionate about cancer prevention and prevention of metastasis because of the consequences personally for people with cancer and their families.”

Dorothy Teegarden

“We’re bringing new methods to one of humanity’s oldest problems. The people involved in the project are working flat out. They’re doing as much as they can, all of the time.”

Graham Cooks

“There is a great lack of knowledge on how the large number of environmental chemicals to which we are exposed every day may influence cancer and other diseases.”

Jennifer Freeman

“Once you see it in somebody close to you, it changes your thoughts; it changes your perspective.”

Keith Stantz

“What we really want to do is to prevent cancer from developing in the first place. But until we can do that, we need to develop tools to search for signs when tumors are still too little to see.”

Marietta Harrison

“I hope to one day be able to say that I made an important contribution to our understanding of cancer, either through the discoveries in my lab or indirectly through the students I mentored.”

Mark Hall

“So much of science is serendipity. You begin work with one specific goal in mind and then have an accidental finding or unexpected result that takes your work in a new, previously unimagined direction.”

Phillip S. Low

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