Big Data Training for Cancer Research Purdue University Center for Cancer Research

Pre-course Materials

We have designed our workshop to contain lectures, hands-on practices using Jupyter Notebook, and projects, which will be distributed and run on the Purdue University research computing server. You will go through a series of pre-course materials before our workshop starts to get familiar with the computing tools and working environment. A completion certificate will be released if you complete the course project and a series of post-course activities by the due date.

Configuring Access to the Anvil Supercomputer

(Available to participant only.)

  • Registering ACCESS accounts.
  • How to login to the Anvil supercomputer.

RCR Pre-course Videos and Readings

  • Video 1: Research Misconduct: [video]  [slides]
  • Video 2: Protecting Research Subjects: [video]  [slides]
  • Video 3: Managing Conflicts of Interest: [video]  [slides]
  • Video 4: Authorship and Peer Review: [video]  [slides]
  • Reading 1:  Steneck, Nicholas H. ORI Introduction to the Responsible Conduct of Research. HHS Office of Research Integrity, Washington, DC, 2004
  • Reading 2:  Fuchs, Bruce A. and Macrina, Francis L., “Ethics and the Scientist,” in Scientific Integrity: An introductory text with cases. Third Edition, Chap. 2, pp. 19-31. American Society for Microbiology Press, Washington, DC, 2000. ISBN 1-55581-318-6

Pre-course special lectures

  • Dr. Bruce Craig - Purdue University

        Topic: "Experimental Design Principles"  [video]   [slides]


  • Dr. Thomas O'Connell - Indiana University

        Topic: "Metabolomics in Big Data" [video (Part 1)] [video (Part 2)] [video (Part 3)]


  • Dr. Amber Mosley - Indiana University

        Topic: "Proteinomics: Proteinomics Expression and Protein-Protein Interaction Analysis"  [video (Part 1)]   [video (Part 2)]


  • Doug Crabill - Purdue University

        Topic: "Instructions on Using Anvil Cluster and Jupyter Notebook"* [*available to participants only]


Course forum and Instruction Documents

We are using Campuswire for annoucements, Q&A, and material distribution. You will be added to the class once you are enrolled.